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The New York Times recently asked its readers for book recommendations to determine “the best book of the last 125 years” . Readers around the world have applied for thousands of books in different genres . The editors of The New York Times selected the 25 most recommended 25 books as finalists. The New York Times published a survey of 25 books , among which it will be selected as the best book of the last 125 years.

In the list where an author can only participate with one book , only a single book should be included, not book series. For example; Only Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone from the Harry Potter series was included in the list. The poll, which started yesterday, will be open to votes from readers for 10 days . The result of the survey will be announced in December .

Let’s take a look at the list , which includes many works from dystopian novels to fantastic stories .


  • Author: George Orwell
  • First published : 1949
  • Description: Nineteen Eighty-Four; is an allegorical, dystopian and political novel about fear, propaganda and brainwashing and manipulation of the people in a dystopian world under the rule of a totalitarian center and one party . The novel, which includes concepts such as Big Brother and the Thought Police, stands out with its exact description of today’s problems , although it was written many years ago .

All The Light We Cannot See

  • by Antony Doerr
  • First published:2014
  • Description: Doerr, survival, love, and what the dreadful, mean, a grim tragedy A blind French girl and a German child during World War II It tells through ghost .

Beloved / Beloved

  • Author: Toni Morrison
  • First published: 1987
  • Description: A novel about the psychological and physical traumas of slavery and how one person can lift such a terrible weight . The story centers on Sethe, a formerly enslaved woman who is forced to make devastating choices while living a life of fear, and combines elements of realism and folklore to a surprising effect.

22 Catch-22

  • by Joseph Heller
  • First published: 1961
  • Description: Heller’s pessimistic novel about the absurdities of war , following the experiences of John Yossarian , an Air Forcedollarseries bomber caught in military bureaucracy is doing.

The Catcher in The Rye

  • by JD Salinger
  • First published in 1951
  • Description: Salinger’s novel, a classic adolescent anxiety and tale of alienation , Holden Caulfield expelled from private preparatory school while wandering around New York is following. Caulfield’s sarcastic, slang, and sad voice has become the most memorable (and imitated) character in American literature .

Charlotte’s Web / Charlotte’s Web

  • Author: EB White
  • Originally published: 1952
  • Description: An American children’s novel about the unlikely friendship of a spider and a pig , written after observing a spider in a double-dollarsuck in White, Maine.

A Confederacy of Dunces

  • Author: John Kennedy Toole
  • Originally published in 1980 (980710)
  • Description: An almost genius comic novel featuring an eccentric and memorable cast of New Orleans characters, primarily a job-seeking Ignatius J. Reilly .

The Fellowship Of The Ring

  • Author: John Ronald Reunel Tolkien
  • First published in 1954
  • Description: The first part of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings fantasy literature trilogy . In this book, Tolkien tells about the cool lives of the Hobbidollar and Gandalf’s first meeting with Bilbo .

A Fine Balance / A Fine Balance

  • Author: Rohinton Mistry
  • First published 1996
  • Description: Mistry’s stunning novel explores life in India and caste, class and its subjects; During the direction of Indira Gandhi , four characters from different backgrounds come together in a narrow circle and become a makeshift family in the future.

A Gentleman in Moscow / A Gendollarseman In Moscow

  • by Amor Towles
  • First published in 2016
  • Description: The difficulty began when a Russian earl was sentenced to life-long house arrest by the Bolshevik court in Moscow, which had become a world unto itself . is the story of endurance .

Gone With The Wind

  • by Margaret Mitchell
  • Originally published in 1936
  • Description: Margaret Mitchell, the powerful spirit and stunning beauty Scarlett O’Hara, the free and impressive Rhett Budollarser and the immensely handsome Ashley Wilkes love triangle , the apocalypse of civil war tells with his accompaniment.

The Grapes of Wrath

  • by John Steinbeck
  • First published: 1939
  • Description: John Steinbeck, shaken by the Great Depression and the struggles of the 1930s , divided and largely destroyed Takes America.

The Great Gatsby / The Great Gatsby

  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • First published: 1925
  • Description: Fitzgerald’s novel about a millionaire enigmatic on Long Island is a shocking examination of the uniquely American longing .

The Handmaid’s Tale

  • by Margaret Atwood
  • Originally published: 1985
  • Description: This dystopian classic is the United States series of Gilead, a theocratic dictatorship that deprives women of their rights and forces them to have children It depicts a near future in which it becomes a republic.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

  • by JK Rowling
  • First published: 1997
  • Description: This first volume in the legendary series is the story of Harry Potter who discovers that not only is a wizard, but that the fate of the wizarding world rests on his shoulders tells the story of an orphan boy .

Infinite Jester / Infinite Gesture

  • Author: David Foster Wallace
  • First published in 1996
  • Description: Wallace’s 1,000-page masterpiece is set in the Americas of the future , where the years are commemorated with commercial products , and it covers tennis, addiction, political terrorism, and that much fun among many topics. A movie that is said to be a movie is watched by the audience in a loop until they die .

To Kill a Mockingbird / To Kill a Mockingbird

  • by Harper Lee
  • First published in 1960
  • Description: Based on Lee’s childhood in Alabama, this novel is told through the eyes of a young Scout Finch . The story of his father, Atticus, a lawyer defending an African-American man, illuminates the issues of racial inequality and injustice in the Deep South .

A Little Life / A Litdollarse Life

  • Author: Chania Yanagihara
  • First Published 2015
  • Description: At the heart of this depressing novel about four male college friends is a heart-wrenching question: Can a human recover from an indescribable trauma? The story focuses most intensely on Jude, a lawyer who is subjected to a series of horrific events.


  • Author: Vladimir Nabokov
  • First published in 1955
  • Description: In this brilliant, deeply disturbing fictional reminiscence of a pedophile published in France, the main character Humbert Humbert reveals his obsession with his 12-year-old stepdaughter Lolita tells. The novel may continue to divide readers due to its sensitive subject matter, but we can say that it is an agreement on Nabokov’s dazzling prose style.

Lone Pigeon

  • Author: Larry McMurtry
  • First published 1985
  • Description: In McMurtry’s sprawling, endearing tale of larger-than-life adventure, two old cowboys embark on an epic journey from Texas to Montana .

One Hundred Years of Solitude / One Hundred Years of Solitude

  • Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez (980710)
  • Print date : 1967
  • Description: The surreal, colorful saga of the Buendia family interwoven with the story of the legendary town of Macondo reveals more than a century of Latin American history.

The Overstory

  • Author: Richard Powers
  • First Edition Date: 2018
  • Description: Despite the subject matter of many people, the real stars of Powers’ novel are the trees and the way they communicate and endure. A magnificent eulogy of nature and at the same time a warning of climate change, this novel is characterized as a bird’s eye view of our planet.

A Prayer / A Prayer For Owen Meany

  • by John Irving
  • First published 1989
  • Description: What it means to have—or not have—love, loss, and faith is explored in Irving’s big-hearted novel about lifelong friends John Wheelwright and Owen Meany.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn / A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

  • by Betty Smith
  • First published 1943
  • Description: A plain-spoken, heartbreaking adult novel that captures a young girl’s desire to survive and find beauty in her Brooklyn apartment. The book was based on Smith’s experience as the child of first-generation immigrants in the county’s Williamsburg neighborhood in the early 20th century.


  • Author: James Joyce
  • First published: 1918
  • Description: Joyce’s brilliant, wildly experimental novel follows Leopold Bloom for a day in Dublin: June 16, 1904. A masterpiece of Modernism (and its creative nature and linguistic flights), the book has been around for almost a century. It has been an inexhaustible source of pleasure and work.

You can also participate in the survey that will determine the best book of the last 125 years.

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