A new spyware has been discovered that records audio and video in real-time, secretly downloads files to the device, and performs a series of other surveillance activities. Researchers from mobile security company Zimperium have uncovered 23 apps that install spyware they call PhoneSpy. Apart from spoofing and document theft, this malware modifies Wi-Fi connections and shares GPS (Location) data.

According to the information released by the company, all known victims so far are located in South Korea. But people in other countries are also targets. Zimperium researchers have yet to detect whether there is a link between phones infected with the malware. Let’s also add that PhoneSpy downloads your contact list.

  • All installed apps on the device
  • Reading credentials using phishing
  • Playing images
  • GPS (Location) tracking
  • Reading SMS messages
  • Reading the contact list
  • Reading search records
  • Recording real-time ambient sound
  • Video recording using front and rear cameras
  • Camera access to take photos using front and rear cameras
  • SMS sending by attackers
  • Device information (IMEI, Brand, Device name, Android version etc.)

Finally, let us state that it is of great importance to check and install operating system and security updates in order to be protected from software that uses such security vulnerabilities.

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Michael Lewis


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