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in English ‘terrible twos’

in American, known as ‘two age syndrome’

There is a concept expressed as . This period, when fresh parents often complain that “it is as if my child is gone and someone else came”, this period is often used to describe the changes observed by parents when babies reach the age of two. In English of this period ‘terrible’ (sucks) also in American ‘syndrome’ because there are sudden changes in the child’s behavior and mood, and these changes are quite difficult to cope with.

If your child has reached the period of two-year-old syndrome, he may become stuck on your neck a minute ago and run away from you after a minute. Although it is a difficult period to cope with, it is useful to remember that it is a normal part of the child’s development and focus on making this period adolescent without getting too panic.

What is age two syndrome in babies?

Children who are two years old are serious mental, social, emotional and motor changes hits. In addition, children of this age enter a period in which they understand more than act of speaking. This makes it difficult for parents or other adults around to understand the reason for the child’s feelings and behaviors.

Two-year-olds to parents commitment and request for freedom too many vacuums. They have a strong desire to do things by themselves, but they also begin to discover that they have to obey some rules. This is a natural phase of every person’s life, the hardship of the period. shows inappropriate behavior, anger, uncontrollable emotions and episodes of anger.. These are basically what makes age-two syndrome so scary.

Do all babies experience two year old syndrome?

Some baby at eighteen months anybody around three years old, although it enters this period, most babies show symptoms of two-year-old syndrome. As in many other subjects, people differ from each other in this regard. Therefore, some babies sell two-year-old syndrome mild adolescents, while others experience more symptoms and more intensely. The common feature of babies with mild two-year syndrome is that they generally have more advanced language skills than their age. Because they are so, they can express themselves better and reduce the problem of miscommunication to a bit. Thus, the age two syndrome is milder.

What kind of situations can be observed in two year old syndrome?

Baby and parents against each other in two year old syndrome slowly losing his patience it is possible to observe. That’s why it is necessary to stay calm. When you notice your baby’s emotions rising, try to divert his attention. If you can’t distract the baby, just ignore it.

If you are in a public place, pull your baby aside without any argument or fight and wait for your baby to calm down before continuing with whatever you are doing. Also, avoid situations that will put you in a lot of trouble. For example, going shopping with your baby at bedtime. It is also very important to give positive feedback during the age of two syndrome. If you muddle your baby’s desired behaviors, show them that you praise from time to time.

How is it understood that your baby has two year old syndrome?

Since human beings are not robots, age-two syndrome does not necessarily begin the day they turn two. Two-year-old syndrome is a period that manifests itself entirely through behavior. The most common of these behaviors are as follows:

  • Anger episodes series
  • Confrontation
  • Mood changes

Anger episodes are observed in series:

The episodes of anger in a baby with two-year-old syndrome can range from mild to freaking out. Babies as well as crying during tantrums hitting, kicking, biting, throwing things can also show behaviors. Although it seems that it will never end when the tantrum occurs, a study conducted in 2003, 75 percent of babies aged 18-60 months experience episodes of anger episode lasting five minutes or less. shows. In addition, the two age syndrome does not distinguish between sexes. Boy and girl observed in infants same rate of tantrum.

They tend to oppose:

Your baby gains new skills and competencies every day. Naturally, it is natural that he wants to try his skills. This can cause your baby to start challenging things that he didn’t have trouble with before. For example, holding his hand while crossing the street, helping him get dressed, or helping him go on a slide in the park.

As your baby gains independence, he will insist on doing things on his own. Even if he is not capable of doing that thing on his own… He may also start asking you for help in things that he would normally do well on his own. This is one of the points that families with two-year-old syndrome should consider.

Turbulent moods accompany

While experiencing two-year-old syndrome, a very affectionate and mudollar baby may scream and go into crying spells after two minutes. The reason for this is that they are angry at not doing things that are not capable of making ticks on their own. By accepting the changes your baby is going through and showing love to him, you can make him sell this challenging process confidently.

“My baby has two year old syndrome. What should I do?”

As we mentioned above, some babies experience this phase lightly, while others live more intensely. If your baby is a busy person, some major practices can help you sell this phase lighter. For example, the parent or the person caring for the baby, the baby paying attention not to spend normal bedtime or meal time may prevent a series of possible anger episodes. It is also about selling two-year-old syndrome with less damage. of the American Pediatric Association has some advice:

  • Your baby’s sleep and meal time should be fixed.
  • Ignore unwanted behavior while praising the behavior you approve. e.
  • Never slap or shout at your baby. Remember, you are the biggest role model for your baby!
  • Distract or distract your baby’s attention whenever you can. When your baby starts to whine, pay attention to something interesting or fun.
  • Keep your rules simple and give short explanations to your baby. For example, explain that you have to hold your hand when crossing the street because you don’t want cars to damage it.
  • Give your baby some control by offering a choice between two things. For example, “Would you like to wear your blue coat or yellow today?” as.
  • Make your baby’s home environment safe. An item you don’t want to touch, etc. If there is any, remove it out of sight.
  • Don’t let things go. Draw your boundaries and be consistent. For example, you went to the market with your baby and your baby is washing things up to buy chocolate. Do not take what he wants and give it to his hand to keep him silent. Then you give up and unfortunately this is a very common situation in American families. It is best to take the child out of their environment and wait until they are calm, rather than doing what they want at that moment. After all, you will not be the first mother / father to leave the full grocery cart in the middle of the market.
  • Stay calm. Your baby can cause you to be stressed. Count to ten and stay calm with techniques such as deep breathing.

How long does age two syndrome last?

Two-year-old syndrome can sometimes be over the age of three. However, when the child is four years old, this period is over as he now has sufficient language and motor development to express himself. Researches, 20 percent of two-year-old babies had only one tantrum a day only 10 percent of four-year-olds points out that such a situation has been observed.

  • Sources: healthline, Mayo Clinic

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