PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds is one of the games that millions of people have been playing on every platform for years and that caused batdollarse royale games to become so widespread. Both the maps and the realism are just a few elements that make the game unique. Although is a game released 5 years ago , it is still enjoyed by players today.

However, the makers of PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds, of course, do not stand still. As they continue to develop PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds, they also come up with a new game: PUBG: New State. Set in 2051, PUBG: New State has everything the classic PUBG has, with the added bonus of the future. Thus, PUBG: New State becomes one of the most realistic and technologically advanced games for mobile platforms to date. PUBG: New State will be released as a free game that can be played in 17 different languages ​​. PUBG: New State, which will bring together players from all over the world, is preparing to take its place as the most technological and realistic game among mobile games.

PUBG: In addition to weapons and mechanics found in the PC version of Batdollarsegrounds , weapon customizations , drone shop and player in PUBG: New State There are also breeding systems. Such a unique content also advances the batdollarse royale game genre, for which PUBG is the flagship. The renewed rendering technology is one of the details that makes the game realistic. PUBG: New State, is located in the same universe as PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds , what it does is enhance it, not replace it completely.

New and improved cities

  • Troi
  • Erangel
  • Station
  • Training Grounds

PUBG: New State takes place in 2051 , which means years after PUBG: Batdollarsegrounds. There are only four maps in the game for now: Troi, a brand new battlefield, and Erangel, which has been revamped with futuristic changes and is a favorite of PUBG players. The other two maps in the game present the innovations of the game. Although there are only 4 maps in the game, it would not be a mistake to expect the developers to make the old maps suitable for the future and to add new maps to the game.

There will be four maps at launch, with Troi being the main map. Troi will be an 8x8km map, meaning it’s the same size as Erangel. This map is one that combines open space with urban areas, and it also has many different locations that are in a sort of decay. Troi has many shopping malls, stadiums, bridges, houses and much more.

However, this isn’t the only map coming with PUBG New State. Because PUBG classic Erangel will also take place in the new game. The size of Erangel will still be 8×8 as before, but it will not be the same as the map in PUBG Mobile. In New State, we’ll see Erangel 30 years from now.

The Station map that will be included in the game comes as a small map for a 4v4 Deathmatch befitting multiplayer FPS games. This map is just a hint that New State will have different game modes as well.

There will also be a training map where we can test weapons and attachments in the game.

The story of the New State

The game that will take place in 2051 is actually an evolved version of the original PUBG . Thanks to New State, we can also see what will happen in the future. The game does this without breaking the tradition while allowing for futuristic gameplay elements.

New State will take place in the fictional town of Troi, a new map for PUBG players, located outside of Lansing, Michigan. PUBG: New State, set in an almost post-apocalyptic time where civil society is fragmented and divided into regions, offers its players complete chaos . Although it has a futuristic environment, since the game takes place in the near future, the weapons and vehicles in it are not something that we are unfamiliar with.

New State, although launching as a batdollarse royale game, will also bring things connected to the rest of the PUBG universe through additional game modes and updates to the game. Even though the game was just released on November 11 , a roadmap for New State’s updates and a phased season system have already been developed. New State also offers first and third-person options to its players.

Realistic graphics

PUBG: New State has quality graphics that we have never seen before in any mobile game. The high quality of the graphics also makes the game even more realistic. Offering much more than expected from a mobile game, PUBG: New State has a rendering technology that includes global lighting , autoexposure and much more .

Realistic open world and detailed character modeling system are also some of the elements that make PUBG: New State a new generation technological game.

New State’s biggest innovation in graphics is the global lighting we mentioned above, which will push the limits of mobile games . The game has also confirmed that it will be compatible with Vulkam, Metal and Open GL APIs.

The makers of PUBG New State, which aims to be the most realistic batdollarse royale experience on mobile devices, announced that one of their biggest goals is to present a mobile game in the category of PC games.

Krafton hasn’t confirmed frame rates yet, but it would be fair to expect such an advanced game to be played at 120 or even 144Hz .

Guns and customization

New State will feature a wide variety of weapons, including modern and more traditional weapons. There’s been a lot of work on these guns, including things like amic recoil depending on how you fire them.

PUBG Mobile, while allowing you to add a variety of items to weapons, was not as advanced as Call of Duty: Mobile’s Gunsmith mode, which allows for a high degree of customization . In New State, however, every weapon will be customizable. In addition, every update to the game will bring new options. So you’ll be able to continue developing your favorite setup. These changes are not just cosmetic, but will also change the way the weapon works.

Drone store and supplements

While drones can be used quite effectively even today, drones play a major role in a game set in 2051 they are playing . One of the biggest roles drones will offer players is supply. Players will be able to collect drone credits on the map and then summon drones to spend those credits.

However, your enemies will be able to spot and shoot drones that will take them directly to you. This means someone else could loot your delivery, so you need to think tactically about how to use drones .

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