With the spread of digital broadcasting platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Disney+, the interest in television series has started to increase. Dozens of TV series and movie studios, y in the stream of the month, both the best scenario and the best actors was ready to sacrifice millions of dollars in just one episode in order to own it.

While competitors are starting to multiply in the television industry, the actor ecosystem has changed a little on the way to being the best. Explaining how much the actors get paid per episode, Variety has prepared a list that proves this change. per episode , which is at the top of the list with 1.4 million dollarsChris Pratt is followed by Jeff Bridges, the lead role of The Old Man with $1 million.

Hollywood suffers from broadcaster stagnation

There is a publisher padlock, so to speak, in Hollywood right now, including Netflix, Amazon, Disney and HBO Max. Each platform is based on its own production. , which is to see the sector as a balloon. is causing. Of course, according to experts on this subject, this balloon is extremely solid and does not look like it will be paddled in the near future with Paramount Plus and Peacock joining the caravan.

Hollywood, Kate Winslet, Robert Downey Jr. to world-renowned players such as “A-list” gives it the name. The people on this list are seen as the celebrities who make the most money from productions, regardless of television or the big screen. A-list players mostly they only sign contracts for the first 10 episodes and predetermine how many hundred thousand dollars, or million dollars, they will receive from each department. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the series that are currently on the air and how much the actors are paid per episode from these series.

Famous Hollywood stars’ wages per episode:

  • Kieran Culkin “Succession” / 300-350 thousand dollars
  • Jeremy Strong “Succession” / 300-350 thousand dollars
  • Sarah Snook “Succession” / 300-350 thousand dollars
  • Kieran Culkin “Succession” / 300-350 thousand dollars
  • David Harbor “Stranger Things” / 350-400 thousand dollars
  • Winona Ryder “Stranger Things” / 350-400 thousand dollars
  • Ted Danson “Mr. Mayor” / $400k
  • Jason Sudeikis “Ted Lasso” / $400k
  • Henry Cavill “The Witcher” / 400 thousand dollars
  • Sara Gilbert “The Corners” / $400,000
  • Laurie Metcalf “The Corners” / $400k
  • John Goodman “The Corners” / $400k
  • Jude Law “The Third Day” / 425 thousand dollars
  • Brian Cox “Succession” / 400-450 thousand dollars
  • Angela Bassett “9-1-1” / $450k
  • Viola Davis “The First Lady” / 600 thousand dollars
  • Michelle Pfeiffer “The First Lady” / 600 thousand dollars
  • Gillian Anderson “The First Lady” / 600 thousand dollars
  • Pedro Pascal “The Last of Us” / 600 thousand dollars
  • Steve Martin “Only Murders in the Build” / 600 thousand dollars
  • Martin Short “Only Murders in the Build” / 600 thousand dollars
  • Kate Winslet “Mare of Easttown” / $650k
  • Sarah Jessica Parker “And Just Like That . . . ” / $650-750k
  • Cynthia Nixon “And Just Like That . . . ” / $650-750k
  • Kristin Davis “And Just Like That . . . ” / 650-750 thousand dollars
  • Bryan Cranston “Your Honor” / $750k
  • Chris Pratt “Terminal List” / $1.4M

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