Expert Virologist Semih Tareen, about BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine and New England Journal of Medicine made statements about a study published in a medical journal. Stating that the prepared article is “one of the most comprehensive reliability reports on the BioNTech vaccine”, the scientist said that the vaccine is in the hands of the anti-dollars. has also debunked the last few superstitions.

Making statements on the subject on Twitter and the research It includes 885 thousand people who were vaccinated and 885 thousand people who were not vaccinated in Israel., Semih Tareen announced that BioNTech is investigating all relevant and irrelevant side effects that are said to be related to the coronavirus vaccine. If you wish, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the virologist’s posts.

Results in one of the most comprehensive safety reports on the BioNTech vaccine

About the BioNTech vaccine one of the most comprehensive reliability reports has been published.


  • 885 thousand people who were vaccinated in Israel were looked at and the same number was with those who were not vaccinated. compared.
  • With vaccine relevant or irrelevant all side effects were looked at.
  • Not related to vaccine many side effects were detected.
  • Among the side effects associated with the vaccine known side effects seen:
  1. Myocarditis ( Heart inflammation): 2.7 per 100 thousand
  2. Lymphadenopathy (Lymph swelling): 78 per 100 thousand
  3. Appendicitis: 5 per 100 thousand
  4. Zone disease: 15.8 per 100 thousand

Important points:

  • Myocarditis cases seem to be much higher in SARSCOV2 infections ( 11 per 100 thousand). In other words, the vaccine reduces the risk of myocarditis 4 times. In fact, thanks to the vaccine, almost the same as seen with SARSCOV2. all worrying symptoms subsided.(There is a table for this explanation in the second image.)
  • compared to vaccinated in SARSCOV2 infection acute kidney injury 125 floors, heart rhythm disorder166 floors, clot43 floors, cerebral hemorrhage 8 floors, heart attack25 floors, myocarditis4 floors, pulmonary embolism 62 times more seen.
  • Lymph swelling and shingles in the vaccinated groupmore.
  • 885 thousand people vaccinated here due to vaccination no coagulation seen. (Translation: THIS CAUSES THE VACCINE CLOTHES O. L. M. U. Y. O. R.)
  • Facial paralysis; Normal in 40,000 people in the FDA report above the public average had not been seen. In this publication, 59 cases were seen in the unvaccinated group and 81 cases in the vaccinated group. Statistically even though there is no serious difference they still refer to this observation
  • Although it does not seem to have an obvious connection with the vaccine shingles increase (formerly known to be linked to facial paralysis with Herpes Zoster virus, which causes shingles).


The most comprehensive BioNTech vaccine side effect tracking to date. I mentioned the side effects related to the vaccine above. But the results reaffirmed that the real risk is SARSCOV2 infection, not the vaccine (Example: Myocarditis is 4 times more common in SARSCOV2 infection).

The side effects of the vaccine, in addition to the effects of the disease, camel ear

Semih Tareen, who replied to one of the sidekicks on his Twitter post, said why people should be vaccinated. Tareen’s statements on this subject are as follows: SARSCOV2 with us will remain permanently and everyone will be exposed to this virus one day. It is their choice to be vaccinated or unvaccinated. They will pose a danger to others without vaccination. . .

The table of side effects in the article that is thought to be related or unrelated to the vaccine is as follows:

*The table includes all side effects, whether related to the vaccine or not. The risk ratios of these side effects are also included.

Table of how the effects spread among those infected and vaccinated

*The blue color shows the effects among the grafted, the orange color shows the effects among the infected. The bars represent the proportion of effects seen in people who are infected and vaccinated, per 100,000 people.

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