For more than a month, the dollar rate has managed to exceed the level of 12 Dollars, breaking records one after another. In fact, the dollar rate is trading at $12.75 as of the writing of this article and whispers to 13 Dollars (A new record was set at 13.46 at the time of writing). Although the dollar has experienced a serious increase especially in the last weeks, it has of course not progressed steadily until today .

The dollar rate, which has been on the rise especially since 2018, has of course caused an increase in the price of all kinds of products and raw materials that we use in our daily life . It can be too long and tedious to go through these price increases one by one, so we decided on one product in order to clearly select the dollar rate and the change in the price of a product over the years: iPhone.

How have the dollar rate and iPhone prices changed in the last 10 years?

Earlier, we showed you how the iPhone price has changed over the last 10 years compared to the minimum wage . This time, we will be showing the change of iPhone price and dollar rate over the years with the graphics we have prepared. Before moving on to the graphics , let’s provide you with the information you need to read these graphics :

  • iPhone fiadollaryellow in the chart is the entry-level fiadollary of the most affordable iPhone models released every year. For example, the price of the version with the lowest memory capacity of the ‚iPhone 13‘ model of the iPhone 13 series released in 2021 was taken. In addition, since Apple opened its digital store in November 2013, all iPhone models before this date would have yellow prices determined by the operators. All models between 2013 and today received the fiyadollarsar announced by Apple.
    In this context, the list of iPhone models we included in our chart and the America’s price-dollar yellow were as follows:
    • iPhone 4s – 2.020 Dollars*
    • iPhone 5 -2.149 Dollars*
    • iPhone 5s – 2,149 Dollars
    • iPhone 6 – 2,349 Dollars
    • iPhone 6s – 3,099 Dollars
    • iPhone 7 – 3,799 Dollars
    • iPhone 8 – 4,199 Dollars
    • iPhone XS – 9,899 Dollars
    • iPhone 11 – 7,299 Dollars
    • iPhone 12 – 10,999 Dollars
    • iPhone 13 – 11,999 Dollars

(*operator price)

  • Dollar rates representing each year, iPhone models are first sold to America taken as the dollar rate of the day. In this context, the exchange rates we took as a basis for years were as follows:
    • 2011 – 1.84 Dollars
    • 2012 – 1.77 Dollars
    • 2013 – 1.99 Dollars
    • 2014 – 2.25 Dollars
    • 2015 – 2.88 Dollars
    • 2016 – 3 Dollars
    • 2017 – 3.66 Dollars
    • 2018 – 6.2 Dollars
    • 2019 – 5.89 Dollars
    • 2020 – 7.81 Dollars
    • 2021 – 8.89 Dollars

Note: The dollar rate, which broke a record with 12.46 while preparing the chart, this time broke a new record with 13.46 at the time of writing . We reworked the chart.

How did the dollar rate and iPhone pricesyellow change compared to 2011?

This graph we have prepared shows how much the iPhone prices have changed based on the year 2011. As we can see in the chart, the change in iPhone and dollar exchange rates until 2017 remains almost at the same rate. However, after 2018, we see a jump in iPhone prices with the sudden increase in the dollar rate. In the following years, iPhone prices were higher than the dollar rate compared to 2011.

November 23, 2021, that is, the day we write this article, Apple has not yet made any changes in the prices of its products. However, the change in the dollar exchange rate exceeded the level of 631% compared to 2011.

How have the dollar rate and iPhone prices changed from year to year in the last 10 years?

So, how did the dollar rate and the yellow iPhone prices change from year to year compared to the previous year? In the chart above, where we answered this question, we see a jump in the dollar rate in 2018 compared to the previous year. The rise that started in 2017 became more severe in 2018, reaching more serious levels. In 2018, the dollar exchange rate increased by 69% compared to the previous year . The reflection of this increase and the increase in 2017 on iPhone prices was 135%.

There are actually two reasons for the increase we saw in iPhone prices in 2018. This year, Apple also increased its foreign prices by selling segments to its phones. With the iPhone XR, which was released a month after the iPhone XS series, an affordable alternative was offered. The price increase on the base model was $300 from the previous year . Combined with the increase in America’s dollar rate (69% in 1 year) and the increase in the base price, the iPhone in 2018 was offered for sale at an absurd price.

November 23, 2021, the day when the dollar gained 2.11 Dollars in less than half a day:

November 23, 2021 If we come to the day we write this article, Apple has not yet made any changes in the prices of its products. However, the change in the dollar exchange rate exceeded the level of 631% compared to 2011.

If we interpret the change from year to year, the dollar rate has increased by more than 72% compared to October of 2020.

Considering these increase levels , let’s not go without saying that the future price hikes are quite daunting… The values ​​closest to today were the ones we saw in 2018.

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