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on Netflix “The World’s Toughest Prisons”

Each episode of the program deals with the prison conditions of a different country. Raphael Rowe, who was imprisoned for years in England for a crime he did not commit, this time voluntarily enters prisons in different parts of the world and conveys to the audience what chardollars are like.

The program usually includes countries that offer bad chardollarsars, but sometimes – for better comparison – there are prisons with good chardollarsars. prison in norway is one of the important examples to understand this comparison.

The quality of the cartridges in Norwegian prisons is occasionally covered in the media, but when examined in detail, it is understood that they offer more opportunities than expected.

Prison cells are very well maintained. All rooms have a TV, bathroom, bed, a refrigerator, bookcase, desk, large window, chair, and even internet access even exists.

There is also a market called “Justice”, which contains a thousand and one kinds of products. Here, prisoners can shop with cards with balance.

With the products they buy from this market, they can cook the food they want together and eat them together.

even in the kitchen silver dinnerware is being used.

Although prisoners and guards are normally known as two sides that do not get along, things are the other way around in Norway.

They can hang out like friends in common areas. There is an environment like BBG house. We even have a hard time getting it into our own home. PlayStation even has possibilities.

Designed by architect Eric Møller, the prison almost resembles a university campus.

It contains several basketball courts, a climbing wall, gym available.Gymnastics, yoga, climbing, etc. with instructors here. possible to do sports.

They can also play musical instruments. It even has a recording studio.

There are places of worship in Halden where prisoners of all faiths can worship.

Moreover, local officials often come here with the prisoners. they can worship and chat.

Instead of keeping murderers together, they prefer to put them among those who commit lesser crimes. In this way, it is seen that they experience psychological recovery.

With the effect of these conditions, it is the country with the lowest rate of recidivism by inmates (30%). because they give importance to rehabilitation. 30 years ago, this rate was around 70% in bad chardollarsars. So this system works.

They believe that people are bad because of bad chardollars, so they are convinced that they can take on a good personality when they are in a good environment.

in 2011 Norway attacks Let’s mention that the murderer who killed 77 people and injured 242 people and was sentenced to 24 years in prison is also in Halden Prison.

Even those who commit the heaviest crimes a maximum penalty of 24 years. They think everyone deserves a second chance. The fact that 120,000 dollars is spent per year per prisoner is met with anger by some. It is a matter of curiosity how the relatives of the victims welcomed the Shardollarsar’s humanitarianism.

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