The 11.11 campaign, where great discounts are made every year, will open the doors of opportunities to meet the expectations of many users in 2021 as well. Starting from the first minutes of November 11, the discount opportunities that will continue for 24 hours have won the hearts of many shopping enthusiasts over the years with the advantages it offers and has become a highly anticipated day.

With the participation of thousands of stores, brands, vendors and websites of all kinds, the discount opportunities in thousands of categories are considered as one of the most profitable times of the year for all parties. In order to make the discount period more profitable, where you can find everything you are looking for, whether it is for your needs or for your hobbies, with more affordable prices, you should instantly follow the most suitable one among thousands of vendors and internet sites, and buy it before the stocks run out. Although it may seem impossible when you look at it this way, there are actually many methods that are quite easy. We will talk about these methods that will make your shopping process more advantageous in the rest of the article.

11. 11 Attention While Creating a Shopping List!

You need to make some preparations to make the most of 11.11 discounts. The first of these, of course, is to create a shopping list. While preparing this list, it will be beneficial to write down your priorities and the products that are equivalent to them, because it is completely surprising which product will be discounted by how much.

After you list the products you want to buy in order of importance, you can follow these products on the relevant websites. Again, this can be tiring because there are so many different websites and it is impossible to predict which one will offer the better opportunity. It will be very tiring and time-consuming to follow each of them at the same time, so you will be more likely to miss the best price of a product you want. In order to make the most of this situation, it is possible to follow the prices of the relevant products on all websites and stores by using price comparison platforms. In this sense, Akakçe is one of the price comparison platforms that give very accurate results. The website, which offers not only the price differences of products between the sellers, but also the tables where you can follow the past prices, also allows you to determine how real the discounts on 11 November are. In this way, you can buy with confidence that the product you will buy is really on sale.

11. Which Products Should You Prefer at 11?

Even though there are surprise opportunities in thousands of categories during 11.11 discounts, there are not many discounts in some product groups throughout the year. Of course, electronics comes first in these categories. Since the prices of technological products such as televisions, laptops, smartphones, smart watches, computer parts and accessories are both high and the rates of sale at high discounts are quite low, it would be a logical decision to focus more on your technological needs during the November 11 shopping festival. In addition, household products such as white goods can also offer opportunities that should not be missed, just like electronic products. Therefore, by acting strategically at the shopping festival, you can enjoy a more profitable shopping experience than you expect.

Beware of Fraudsters and Opportunists!

Unfortunately, one of the worst aspects of discount festivals is the fraudsters and opportunists who try to take advantage of the environment. Although both groups tried different methods during such discount periods, it is now much easier to avoid these situations. For example, in order to avoid opportunists who inflate the price of the product, you can easily overcome the past prices of products by following Akakçe. Although the fight against fraudsters is a bit more complicated, choosing reliable and proven websites will prevent you from encountering potential problems both in the return process and in terms of the originality of the products. In order to avoid disappointment in an event that is only one day a year, research the discounts, websites and vendors you come across as soon as possible, and be skeptical of label prices.

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