In today’s United States, many legendary names have come to the fore in the struggle between the notorious criminals and the good ones that dominate the western region of the series. One of these names was Billy the Kid.

Real name Henry McCarty Wild West’s notorious criminal and outlaw, 21-year-old Billy the Kid, was killed in 1881. The gun that killed him was recently sold for a weapon for a staggering price.

The request for forgiveness came but was not forgiven:

Billy the Kid was shot and killed by Sheriff Garret, who was searching for him in a double-decker after months of searching in Arizona and New Mexico. The sheriff had shot Billy with a Cold Single Action type gun. That weapon has been preserved to this day.

The gun, which was called the most iconic treasure of that time, was sold by Bonhams auction house, r. ekor was sold for $6.3 million.

Billy the Kid killed eight people before he died. Orphaned at age 15, Henry was first arrested for stealing food at age 16.

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Michael Lewis


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