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If you’ve seen an ordinary American comedy, you’ve probably noticed those cliché jokes. Jokes and things were made with glasses that showed people naked. The dream of this technology would cause fun and funny situations for most people. However, when something turned out to be true, it became clear that the event wasn’t that much fun.

Called DeepNude, the app found ticks on a more common device, if not on sunglasses. With this application, which has an artificial intelligence trained on visual processing, our smartphones can get people naked in seconds. But this time we’re not in the movie.

The real problem is not the possibility of unsuitable nude photos of women created against their free will to leak onto the Internet. This possibility creates the social ethical problem of the business. There is another problem that is larger and not visible to most people …

Watch out for fake DeepNude apps! (Really attention)

People who are already in this direction can access inappropriate content on the internet. The real problem is the clones of the DeepNude application… I mean, fake DeepNude applications with the same or similar name aiming to fool the end user…

The first time you see a fake application, you can be knowledgeable and experienced enough to distinguish it from the original. As a matter of fact, most of the internet users do not have such discrimination experience. Even for experienced users, it is difficult to distinguish an extremely well-designed girth application. When you search for DeepNude on the internet, most of the options you come across are fake applications.

  • Unsafe links are crawling under YouTube videos, Telegram, and Github for fake DeepNude apps.

DeepNude itself is not secure either:

In general, installing applications outside the Play Store or App Store is already a major inconvenience in terms of security. We have seen many such examples in the past. When you enter your phone number, remember the apps that show you with what name other people registered you in their contacts. Its purpose was to collect data directly.

DeepNude is an application that appeals to a similar interest and tries to appeal to instinctive curiosities. This is a detail that makes it easy to make a name. Even people using the original app are not safe, because the first permission the app gets is access to photos in your gallery. To whom these photos go is a big controversy.

Apart from fake applications, your photos, your information in bank applications, your e-mails, social media profiles and the information of all people whose profile is attached to you can be reached. DeepNude can access the data of thousands of people from a single person’s phone, with a chained effect this data stream can affect millions of people. In clone applications, on the other hand, since this purpose is directly pursued, you may be faced with greater risks.

DeepNude and its copies are an extremely dangerous application for you and those around you in the age of data. You can think of this as inviting a thief into your own home or even extending a ladder out of the window. When the thief enters, you don’t have much chance to intervene.

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