You have an ordinary job that you earn, and an additional project that you get together with a few friends and work on. It is such a project that it requires you to give up your weekends and sleep at night. Can we imagine yourself in such a scenario? If your answer is yes, let’s continue the scenario: It’s been five years and you call that additional project, which is not even your main job; is turning into one of the biggest communication technologies of the last 100 years.

This success story, which seems distant and even impossible to some; essential in most of our daily routines. The very story of Twitter’s founding!

How was Twitter born?

The birth story of Twitter dates back to 2006. When Jack Dorsey, the co-founder of the application, first came up with the idea of ​​Twitter, here; an SMS-based communication platform where groups of friends can be informed about what each other is doing, thanks to status updates.

During a brainstorm at Podcasting Company Odeo, Dorsey said; He presents this idea to Evan Williams, one of the founding partners of Odeo. Evan Williams and the company’s other co-founder, Biz Stone, give Dorsey permission to develop and expand the idea.

Twitter’s first name was not Twitter!

Twitter’s name at the beginning of the story twttr

It is taken as . There are two main reasons behind this: The popular trends of the period and the desire to take advantage of the domain name. So much so that when buying a şirkedollarsere domain name, it is more beneficial to remove the vowels. Twitter’s old name and current name Software Developer Noah Glass is known to have been created by paying attention to these elements.

Twitter’s turbulent founding process

While the first concept of Twitter was tested by Odeo, the company itself was going through a very difficult process. Apple establishing its own podcasting platform, It meant the complete destruction of Odeo’s business model. And yet, Odeo’s counter move was to buy back the company from investors. Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and some other members; There were names that made the buyback process easier.

The buyback of Odeo meant that Twitter’s existing rights passed to Odeo. This naturally created a series of questions in the minds of Odeo investors whether they know Twitter comprehensively or not. Moreover, the team with key figures who contributed greatly to the development of Twitter was not included in the reconsidered company.. At the head of these members Noah Glass was coming.

A formal company for Twitter was established

Another move made after the buyback process was completed was the establishment of a new company, albeit a formality. Obvious Corporation

The main purpose of this company, called , was to host Twitter.

The first tweet in Twitter history

Firsts are always special! The first tweet in Twitter history Posted by Jack Dorsey on March 21, 2006 at 09:50. On the tweet: ” I’m setting up my twttr.‘ was written.

Twitter’s surprising growth rate drew attention at conferences

2007 South By Southwest Interactive Conference has seen incredible growth in Twitter’s usage rate. More than 60,000 tweets per day during the event was noticed. The Twitter team was, of course, among the participants of the conference and benefited from both the viral nature of the event and the other participants.

Even Twitter’s error page managed to go viral

After the turbulent setup process, the second blow to Twitter came from overcapacity. The incredible growth of the user base has caused the platform to suffer from frequent overcapacity.

When servers are overloaded Yiying Lu

An illustration of an artist named started to be projected onto the screen. This illustration shows a whale being lifted safely out of the water by eight birds. The Twitter team believed that this image could explain well to users that they were aware of the problem and that they were working on it. This error page, which went viral by the Twitter community, was soon followed by ” Failed Whale was named ”.

character limit dilemma on Twitter

‘Everyone often questions’ character limit” rule stems from the fact that Twitter was originally imagined as an SMS-based platform. The 140 character limit in the protocols of SMS operators in the first years of Twitter’s establishment can be said to be the main reason for Twitter to impose the same restriction. Later, when the platform becomes a web platform, the reason why this limit continues is known as a completely brang-based issue.

Twitter kept up with the character limit

Subjecting smartphones to such a limit in 2017 does not make much sense anymore, 140 character limit increased to 280. In this way, users were helped to spend more time talking rather than thinking, without being under the pressure of restraint.

Twitter users moved to the position that directs Twitter itself

With the growth of the user base, new jargon and brand new ways to use the platform also started to be created. Chief among these @ sign, hashtag #) usage and retweet button is coming.

@ sign has its known function today thanks to users

Not allowing users to reply to another user, to the @ sign solved by installing this function. Realizing that it is an effective move to mention someone else using the @ sign over time, the Twitter team brought this update to the platform.

Using # was users’ idea

Likewise, one of the most important parts of today’s Twitter ecosystem, hashtags (#) was also included in Twitter, inspired by the ideas of the users and the usage patterns they produced for themselves.

Retweet button is based on users’ ”RT”

Easy way to repost a tweet so that it can be seen who the owner of the tweet is called Retweet

The feature known as was also included on the platform thanks to users. Per tweedollarserin manually ” when users don’t have this feature yet RT” and positioning it as a phrase caught the attention of the Twitter team, and in 2010 he posted to Twitter. retweet button has been brought.

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