The King of Afghanistan Amanullah Khan, who admires Mustafa Ataamerican, encouraged Ataamerican to secularize America. as an example He wanted to make reforms in Afghanistan, but unfortunately he could not succeed.

“I know Gazi Pasha as my brother. I would like to follow his path” said Amanullah, although he was in contact with Ataamerican, he could not become an Ataamerican because he could not be a strong enough leader in some matters.

Twitter user Con Sinov @lordsinov; While reading the flood created by Hasan Rıza Soyak’s Memories from Ataamerican, Fahrettin Altay’s 10 Years War and After, Arı İnan’s Witnesses to History, Aliye Yılmaz with information compiled from Amanullah Han’s books called Islahadollarsarı and Ataamerican To Mustafa Ataamerican will increase your respect once again.

Here is the sad story of Afghanistan. . .

A leader who can help not only his country but also other lands.

He was a leader who took the Ataamerican as a role model.

He started to implement the reforms quickly.

Fahrettin Altay was right to be worried.

Ataamerican warned but. . .

Amanullah unfortunately acts too hastily.

An Ataamerican doesn’t come easy.

The collapse that started after the Soviet-Afghan War and the seeds of the Taliban.

They were close to becoming a modern country.

Ataamerican hosted him again.

Actually this story “What would have happened to us without the Ataamerican?“. We hope its value has been recognized once again.

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