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on Netflix “The World’s Toughest Prisons”

Each episode of the program deals with the prison conditions of a different country. Raphael Rowe, who was imprisoned for years in England for a crime he did not commit, this time voluntarily enters prisons in different parts of the world and conveys to the audience how charcoal is.

One of the most striking parts of the program, which conveys what it is like to be a prisoner in prisons in countries that usually offer bad chardollarsar, is one of the most striking parts of the program. Paraguay section. The phrase “the dog won’t stop if you tie a dog” is very appropriate for this environment.

In the middle of the slum semdollar series, this prison houses the country’s 4000 most dangerous criminals.

Too crowded. Since there are 4 times the capacity, most people have to sleep on the floor. There is an even worse environment than the Panamanian prison in season 3 of Prison Break. You don’t want it to happen even to your enemy.

There is zero organization inside. In fact, a criminal who was imprisoned for 25 years runs this place. The guards handed it over to him.

Because there is one guard for every 125 prisoners. no money, that’s why it’s impossible for them to handle.

The condition of the cells is quite dire, there is no such thing as a human condition.

Prisoners can easily carry knives, they don’t even feel the need to hide them.

those who want cocaine drinks comfortably, no one interferes.

Visitors can directly enter the prison, there is no meeting room. This is why contraband is often smuggled into Rahadollar.

The state provides only one meal and there is not even a plate. They use plastic bottles they find from the garbage as plates.

It is possible to see those who scavenge in the garbage in order to eat because the hunger is so intense.

Even useful things they find from garbage they can sell to each other.

There are sections like in The Platform movie. Those who have no money can sleep on the floor, while those in the middle class sleep on the beds in their cells.

Those in the top layer, on the other hand, has a television, restaurant and even a pool.

There are many things inside, from the poor neighborhood to the rich neighborhood, from the bazaar market to the restaurant.

All of them are run and controlled by inmates. Because the authorities do not build any facilities. Over time, the ecosystem inside has grown into a mega- prison-town has already happened.

The cell of the Brazilian drug lord is like the cell of the prisons in Norway.

consisting of three rooms inside the luxury suite meeting room, library, LCD TV, air conditioner, printer, refrigerator, kitchen, even sitting group.

On average one person is killed a week and bloody riots are frequent. The guards are taken hostage and killed. Some were beheaded, some were burned to death.

In the program consisting of 5 seasons, There is no America section. If it is allowed, it can give an idea for the global audience whether the Midnight Express movie is realistic or not.

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