The decline in graphics card prices is still continuing. A report published by DigitalTrends recently pointed to the decrease in graphics card prices. Today, German media outlet 3D Center has released an updated report for July measuring video card prices in Germany and Austria, showing some very interesting results. The published report only measures the price index of the two countries and their retailers in that country. Therefore, we can say that it does not apply to other regions.

An interesting discovery made by the report is that graphics card prices have reached the lowest point since February, when the sharp price increase began. According to the information in the report, the fiyadollarsar listed during the peak period of the graphics card fiadollarsar was approximately 53% higher than the fiyadollarsar determined by the manufacturers. Since then, fiyadollarsar has not only decreased, but it has also become easier for consumers to own graphics cards with the supply of cardollarsars such as AMD Radeon RX 6800, Radeon RX 6800 XT and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.

When examining the graphic above, 3D Center states that the MSRP is listed as 100% and it should not be forgotten that the percentage shown is the increase over the current MSRP. The German media outlet also expects full price cuts in MSRP to occur within 3-4 weeks. Considering the available data, we see that the MSRP is slowly decreasing and the supply is increasing rapidly. When all these criteria are considered, it is possible to expect a decrease in graphics card prices.

Finally, let’s mention that you can read the report published by 3D Center here.

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