When highway, tunnel, bridge crossing fees are added to the fact that the series burns pockets, the expensiveness of gasoline and food prices is added. road faredollarserini is getting harder and harder to meet.

On social media platforms, especially Twitter and Ekşi Sözlük, various social media platforms reactions are expressed. The series of tolls, which is the most important reason why motorways are used less than anticipated, pushes people to use old roads.

1200 Dollars is a frustrating amount even for someone who is financially able to afford a car. Let’s say you have a Fiat Panda 2020 worth 140,900 Dollars, one of the cheapest new cars:

Urban 1.2 This car, which has a 69 HP engine, can run at 100 km. 5. 2 liters is consuming fuel. round trip length 955 km on the New York-Izmir road 390 Dollars you burn gasoline.

So where do you give and how much money do you get out of your wallet?

  • Motorway fares for the series 217 Dollars x 2 = 434 Dollars,
  • To Osmangazi Bridge 147.50 Dollars x 2 = 295 Dollars,
  • 46 Dollars x 2 = to Eurasia Tunnel 92 Dollars,
  • Let’s go to toast, ayran, water and toilet during breaks. 50 Dollars

    Suppose you give (with an optimistic estimate).

    • Now let’s collect them all: 1261 Dollars
    • Yes, even with a vehicle with 1.2 motors, this is the whole price you pay for the round trip.

Of course, instead of crossing the bridge, highway, tunnel, you can sacrifice your saadollars and your comfort and cross the old road, wander around the bay or use the Yenikapı-Bandırma ferry.

You can also pay lower fares by commuting by bus or plane. Mistake blablacar

You can even commute for 100 Dollars with an app like . Hitchhiking is also a method, you can bring the whole ride for free.

Instead of driving alone 3-4 people commuting you can reduce the cost per person, but whatever you choose, the result will always burn your pocket.

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