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In the past monthsWhatsApp, the Competition Authority President Birol Küle, who is on the agenda with the conflict between Correspondents’ Association (EMD) met with board members. In the meeting helddigital market, Küle has aon the law said they are working.

Competition Authorityon its own agenda Küle, who also gave information about the issues, stated that they would not be left behind on digital laws and that they were working onof the law also talked about how. Here are the highlights:

The law will protect both the consumer and the seller:

In his meetingTower made the following statements:

We will be the first after the European Parliament and Germany on digital law. How the data will be collected, how it will be used, detailed awarenessrevealed will be a law.

In addition, the lawnext year stated that it is aimed to be put into practice, Küle said that the new business models that have emergedcompetition problems said it requires effective regulation of these issues. Apart from this, they alsothat they need to adapt and continued with the following words:

In the investigations and investigations carried out by our institution so far, it is seen that these concerns have increasingly penetrated the markets. Being aware of its responsibilities, the Competition Authority has made a great impression abroad in a short time.to important decisions signed ‘e-Marketplace Platforms Industry Review andOnline Advertising ServiceSeries Industry Review‘ has come to the last stage of two important studies that will take the pulse of the sector.. ”

Finally, he made the following statements:

We are preparing a law on digital markets. On platforms about digital lawanxietyfeel. not to their detriment.I promise. The business model has changed a lot. Established firms formed, otherswill not be harmed, how to collect data, how to use it,detailed awareness will be a law that sets out. Both the consumer and the seller in the e-Marketwill be protected. We’re starting to get opinions. We aim to implement this law in the first half of next year. We will get opinions from a wide range of people such as the American Industrialists and Businessmen Association, Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association.

However, both sellers and buyers of the law will inform appropriately and stated that they aim for the law to come into effect in the first half of next year. You can share your comments on the subject in the comment section.

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