With the 2021 iMac, Apple has offered colorful alternatives to the gray design that has been going on for many years and iMac paved the way for him to continue his experience with different colors. The colorful iMac designs received very positive reviews from consumers, and Apple is now looking to “color” similarly. MacBook

also plans for .

One of the trusted sources for Apple products Jon Prosser on Apple’s MacBook “ more color options for standard users “. The phrase” standard users “here refers to the multicolored MacBook model in question. 2021 MacBook Air.

2021 MacBook Air can come in 7 different color options

In addition to the “signature” color option on iPhone models at affordable prices, Apple offers many alternative color option. Therefore, it would not be surprising that the first MacBook model to come with colorful options is the MacBook Air. However, the color options that Apple has presented in the 2021 iMac may be a clue to what color options we can see in the 2021 MacBook Air.

As you know, the Apple logo used to be in rainbow colors. Therefore the company’s MacBook rainbow

It is highly possible to include colors. Accordingly, the new MacBook Air as well as the standard gray color blue, purple, red / pink, orange, yellow, and green will appear with color options. However, it should be noted that there is no tangible leak in this regard yet.

While the design of the new MacBook Air has not been leaked yet, it’s okay to imagine what it might look like. Parker Ortolani, with the emergence of the iMac will be colorful, for the MacBook Air as well. “color” conceptdollarser and shared them with 9to5Mac. So let’s point out that the visuals you have seen above are not leaks that show the final design of the MacBook Air, but concept studies of how it might look. So what do you think of the colorful MacBook Air designs? Do you think it should just be gray or alternative colors should it be found?

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