The legendary DeFi Builder 0xMaki is moving away from SushiSwap, but it is also among the information that 0xMaki will remain in the consulting role. 0xMaki, the co-founder and project leader behind Sushi, has reportedly left his role on the team. Sushi price was negatively affected by these news. Details on the subject Cryptocoin. com


Sushi price and 0xMaki’s position

Leading DeFi project Sushi, known for its permissionless decentralized exchange SushiSwap, bids farewell to one of the key minds who first contributed to its creation. A decisive and vital contributor and founding member under the pseudonym 0xMaki, 0xMaki is resigning from his post, according to multiple sources. The reason for 0xMaki’s departure still remains a mystery. However, an anonymous source told The Defiant that Sushi’s co-founder will not completely break ties and will remain in the role of advisor. A full statement on the subject is expected from 0xMaki today. While the news may have taken the cryptocurrency community by surprise, viewers had previously spotted signs that the Sushi leader had moved away from his position. As can be seen in this transaction on Etherscan, on September 14, 0xMaki’s address was removed from SushiSwap’s operational multisig wallet.

0xMaki assumed her role at SushiSwap after the project’s creator, Chef Nomi, left in September last year. Chef Nomi drew the ire of the DeFi community after withdrawing $13 million of developer stake from the project’s coffers and effectively “pulled the carpet” on its users. “Although Nomi later refunded the money, the SUSHI token fell by more than 50% and the reputation of the protocol took a significant hit.

What is behind your success?

After the event, 0xMaki became the de facto figure of Sushi and is today considered the driving force behind much of the project’s success. Many cryptocurrency followers have taken to Twitter to commend 0xMaki after reports of his departure surfaced online.

https://twitter. com/CryptoCobain/status/1438816017065578502

SUSHI token reacted negatively to the news and fell 18% at the time of writing. The price of SUSHI took another hit in the saadollars early this morning when SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong notified users of a vulnerability in the protocol’s MISO platform, allowing an attacker to consume $3 million worth of Ethereum.

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