‘Lucifer’, which met Netflix users in 2016, quickly became one of the most watched names on the platform. The devil himself got bored of hell and started his retirement life in Los Angeles., the series has given its audience 5 seasons so far. While there was a tight wait for the upcoming final season, today came a post that made the fans impatient.

Netflix released the trailer for the final season of Lucifer, which will bid farewell to the audience this year, on its YouTube channel. The trailer, which was also shared in the American version from the Netflix America channel, revealed what we can expect from the last season. The main idea that we can extract from the trailer was this: The lord of evil has found his way.

The trailer for Lucifer’s final season with American subtitles released today:

Netflix series Lucifer, which has been watched with pleasure by the users of the platform for 5 years, is getting ready to end with a final season. According to the final trailer released today, 1 month before the season’s release, the Satan of the series is starting to get tired. The one who decides to leave the devil and become a godLucifer Morningstar seems very eager to ascend to his new throne by retiring from the world he came to retire from. All this in the trailer “all evil ends one day”.

The 6th season of the series seems to contain many events full of investigation and intrigue. There is an intriguing scene in the last part of the trailer, which reports on Lucifer’s journey of recovery. The video ends with a pretty risky ending for Lucifer, leaving the rest to the season’s release. Lucifer season 6 will air on September 10. Episodes that can only be watched on Netflix will give a satisfying ending to fans who don’t want the series to end.

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