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The animal kingdom is full of truly interesting and unbelievable creatures. Our cute dosdollars, cats and dogs, that we keep in our homes, wolves and lions trying to survive in the wild, and interesting animals in the unexplored oceans have many different and unique features. So who is ahead in terms of life expectancy?

Get ready to see a list of animals you may not have heard of before. The longest living animals in the world have truly unbelievable lifespans. Today we will examine animals whose lifespans range from 250 years to ‘immortality’. To give additional information, let us state that none of the animals on our list live on land, and their main habitat is underwater.

Longest living animals:

  1. Bowhead whale
  2. Rougheye rockfish
  3. Tadollary water pearl barnacle
  4. Bowhead whale
  5. Tube worm
  6. Arctica islandica
  7. Black corals
  8. Glass sponges
  9. Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii)
  10. Hydrazoa (Hydras)

1. The second largest whale species in the world, the Greenland Whales have survived for over 200 years:

Greenland whales (Balaena mysticetus), better known than Blue whales They are the second largest whales in the world after The exact lifespan of these whales, which can reach 20 meters in length and weigh 136 tons, is unknown, but it has been determined that they can live for more than 200 years. It is known that the Greenland whales , which are not among the endangered creatures today, have been alive for more than 200 years and are still living.

2. Rougheye Rockfish, one of the endangered creatures, lives 205 years:

This fish species, whose scientific name is ‘Sebastes Aleutianus’, is one of the longest living fish species. According to the statements of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, it is known that the maximum lifespan of this fish is at least 205 years . These creatures, which can grow up to 97 centimeters in length, live in the Pacific Ocean. This species is also known to be endangered in some regions.

3. The oldest of the Tadollar Water Pearl Mussel is 280 years old:

Tadollar water pearl mussel, or scientifically known as margaritifera margaritifera, living in rivers and streams, mainly in Europe and America It is a type of mussel found in The oldest known of the tadollar water pearl mussels , which survived for quite a long time thanks to their low metabolism, was announced to be 280 years old . It is known that these animals are endangered due to human-induced factors.

4. Greenland Shark, which has challenged the Greenland Whale for at least 272 years:

The Greenland shark, which lives in the depths of the Arctic Ocean and the North Adollar-Centic Ocean, can reach a length of 7.3 meters and It can survive for quite a long time. According to the statements made, it is known that the maximum lifespan of this shark species is at least 272 years . Holding the title of being the longest living vertebrate in the world, the oldest of these animals is estimated to be 392 years old .

5. Tube Worms can survive for more than 300 years:

Also known as giant tube worm , these invertebrates live at the bottom of the seas. Research conducted in 2017 concluded that this species regularly lives for more than 200 years. It was also revealed that some tube worms survived for more than 300 years .

6. Living species that has survived for 5 centuries Arctica islandica:

This type of clam living in the Northern Adollars, , the longest living animals ( Another of the crustaceans found between . In 2006, it was announced that an arctica islandica species found in the researches carried out on the coast of Iceland has lived for about 507 years .

7. Black corals have a 4260 year old one:

We have come to the parts of the list that make you say ‘no longer’. Black corals are composed of exoskeletons of invertebrates called polyps. These polyps, which constantly reproduce and renew themselves by making genetic copies, cause the coral skeletal structure to grow. Therefore, corals can live for hundreds of years. As a result of research, it was revealed that the oldest known coral samples were 4,260 years old .

8. Glass sponges, the oldest of which is 11,000 years old:

Glass sponges, which consist of colonies just like corals, can live for centuries thanks to their structure. Glass sponges, one of the longest living species, are usually found in the deepest parts of the ocean and got this name because of the series of glass-like pierdollars. Studies have shown that the oldest glass sponge species is 11,000 years old . Similar species are known to survive for more than 10,000 years.

9. Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis Dohrnii), which is biologically immortal:

Turritopsis Dohrnii , or as it is known, immortal jellyfish, eternal life as its name can be understood. it takes from the fact that it can have the loop. These animals, which can be biologically immortal , can turn into polyps in cases of physical damage or starvation, and then become jellyfish . These creatures, which can rewind their life cycle indefinitely, are not definitively immortal, as there is no life cycle left to rewind if eaten by fish or other animals. Yet they have the potential to achieve biological immortality.

10. Hydrazoa (Hydras), which can live forever:

With a soft-bodied structure similar to jellyfish, hydras are very small invertebrates, and just like immortal jellyfish, they have the potential to live forever. Hydras, which have stem cells that are constantly renewed through cloning and reproduction, are capable of living forever as long as they can withstand external threats .

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