An application filed by Tesla Energy Ventures with the Texas Public Service Series Commission on August 16 indicates that Tesla is located in Texas. ”retail electricity provider” put forward his request to become a company. Retail electricity provider şirkedollarser manages the process of buying electricity wholesale from electricity producers and selling this electricity to users.

For now, in the market that Tesla wants to be involved in In which more than 100 retail electricity providers compete known. This step is thought to be one of Tesla’s larger plans to get involved in the energy sector.

Tesla’s energy storage and distribution projects are growing:

The most important comment regarding this step of Tesla is made over a statement made by Elon Musk in the past months. Elon Musk announces every house in the future will generate energy using the company’s products stated that they wanted to transform it into a distributed power plant that would store and even transmit back to the electricity grid.

As a reason for this, especially last year Incidents such as the great power outage in Texas If this plan of Musk and Tesla is implemented, every house will be transformed into a power plant thanks to the electricity produced by renewable solar energy panels.

Tesla’s of the application to become a ‘retail electricity provider’ is also said to be one of the important steps that can be taken towards this plan. Thus, it is said that Tesla will not only sell electricity to customers, but also act as an intermediary for customers who sell excess energy produced from Tesla Powerwall or solar panel products back to the grid.

If the application is accepted, Tesla’s team that is also interested in the sale of solar panels It is stated that on behalf of Tesla, it will deal with ‘selling electricity’ transactions and the team will carry out new studies in order to reach more customers.

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