Tesla said in a statement yesterday that its upcoming factories and upside headwinds in its supply chain will put pressure on profit margins after it beat Wall Street’s third-quarter revenue expectations following record delivery dollars. The company, which holds the title of being the most valuable automaker in the world, seems to have outsold the epidemic and global supply chain crisis better than its competitors. Because the company achieved record revenue for the fifth consecutive quarter in the July-September period, supported by the increase in production at its factory in China.

However, Tesla, led by Elon Musk, could see higher earnings in the coming quarters as supply chain disruptions end and production ramps up at new factories in Berlin and Texas. Tesla Finance Director Zachary Kirkhorn also referred to the new factories and said, “We have a very long implementation journey ahead of us. ” he summarized the situation. In addition, he adds that the price fluctuations of raw materials such as nickel and aluminum create an uncertain environment in terms of cost structure.

Although that is the case, it is stated that Tesla is a little ahead of its plan to increase delivery prices by 50 percent this year. Kirkhorn, “4. quarter production will largely depend on parts availability, but we strive for continued growth. ” said. In addition, it should be noted that this is not the first time Elon Musk has participated in the quarterly earnings call. This may have disappointed investors who want to hear the last thoughts of the famous CEO. Because, Tesla shares, which rose by about 23 percent this year, decreased by 0.6 percent after the announcement made the other day.

Finally, let’s also mention that Tesla’s third quarter revenue increased from $ 8.77 billion a year ago to $ 13. 76 billion.

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