The famous automaker Tesla has officially confirmed that the Cybertruck model, which is eagerly awaited by customers, will be offered no earlier than 2022. Although the order page has been updated according to this time, according to some rumors, Cybertruck delivery dollars may be delayed again in the future. Because mass production plans for the coming years have not been shared clearly yet. In addition, the launch of the Tesla Roadster was postponed to 2023. In Elon Musk’s statement on the subject, “2021 has been a year of extraordinary supply chain years. So it doesn’t really matter if we have 17 new products, because none of them will be released yet. Assuming there will be no such drama in 2022, the new Tesla Roadster should come out in 2023. ” he stated. Finally, the fully autonomous Tesla car is expected to be released in 2023.

We can say that the fully autonomous Tesla car, which will make Tesla stand out from its competitors, is much more interesting than Cybertruck and Roadster. Because it was confirmed at the company meeting that the car will be presented to users with a price tag of $ 25,000, with the fully autonomous technology, which is one of the important trump cards of the company. Fully autonomous without gas, brake pedal and steering wheel, Tesla’s autonomous structure may attract customers. However, since this model is under development, not knowing the details about the features causes confusion with the $25,000 price.

Considering that there are different products that the company is working on, it is obvious that innovations will continue to come. However, since the supply shortage, which started with the effect of the pandemic, affects every organization in the technology branch, it is quite natural to experience disruptions in the production process. Do not forget to indicate your thoughts on the subject in the comments.

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Michael Lewis


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