Necdet Caliskan from Haberamerican, using data from the American Statistical Institute (TUIK) in technological products investigated the status of price changes. The research has revealed that the technological product that has increased the most in the past 1 year is televisions. In previous years, computers were at the top of the research, televisions in the last year. at the astronomical level reveals that the price hikes are coming.

According to the latest data announced by TURKSTAT, inflation in June is 1.94% happened. Inflation announced on an annual basis is 17.53 percent. Of course, the products in the world of technology got their share from these rates. However, the price of televisions has increased in the last 1-year period. 100.1 percent. While the game consoles included in the research became more expensive by 36 percent, computers by 24.4 percent, smartphones by 18.4 percent and tabletdollarser by 20.2 percent, the rise in televisions, reached a meaningless level case.

The rate of increase in the prices of some technological products in the last 1 year

According to the study of Necdet Caliskan, a television that can be purchased for 3,025 Dollars in June 2020 will be available in June 2021. 6. 054 Dollars has become available for purchase. This shows that the price increase on an annual basis is 100.1 percent. The interesting thing is that the change in the prices of televisions is also quite high on a monthly basis. Because a television that can be purchased for 6,054 Dollars in June 2021 will be released in May 2021. 5. 795 Dollars

It was available for purchase at .

There are two product groups that draw attention within the scope of the research. These products, computer and tabledollarser

It appears as . Although the price changes of these two product groups are 20% on an annual basis, when we look at the range from May 2021 to June 2021, we see that these products have become cheaper. Accordingly, computers are at the rate of 6 per thousand, and tabledollarserine at 4 per thousand. cheaper we can say.

The change in computer and television prices in the last year and a half is as follows:

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