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The number of people in the world is increasing at an accelerating rate with each passing second. The world population, which was estimated to be 1 billion in 1804, could only increase to 2 billion in 1927. During this change, World War I took place, and it had a direct impact on the increase in population. The next II. Despite World War II, the population reached 3 billion in 1960. In other words, it took 123 years to reach 2 billion and 33 years to reach 3 billion. After 14 years, the world population increased to 4 billion, it took 13 years to reach 5 billion and only 12 years to reach 6 billion. The world population today is 7.44 billion. Researchers say that we will reach 10 billion population by 2050.

With the increase in population, the resources of the world became indivisible. The wealthy created by the statesmen who fought for global domination during the world wars, that is, only close to 1% of the population, have more money than the individuals who are members of the remaining 99%. Of course, the work is not limited to k situations. There are thousands of scientists who say that we are heading towards the years when income inequality will increase and social polarization will be the greatest reality. On the other hand, increasing carbon emissions due to population increase the effects of global climate changes. No matter how logically we think about it, we come to the conclusion that the world will soon fill the human quota.

It should not be in vain to try to go to Mars and to embrace methods that promise eternity such as solar energy. With Webtekno’s new article series, TeknoFuture, we continue to look more closely at the future of the world we live in. In this article, we examine a ruthless method that was brought to the agenda to solve the unprecedented crises that are expected to occur in the future, before they happen.

How ruthless can power holders be to stabilize the world’s population?

Frankly speaking, there is no greater cruelty than to be selfish. If one day we realize that Mars is not the ideal place for us, then woe to us. The world-famous broadcaster Forbes brought up a man named Thomas Robert Malthus with an article he published in 2017.

Thomas Malthus was a demographer who lived in England between 1766 and 1834. While the world population had reached 1 billion between the years he lived, he started to work on a hypothesis that refers to these days. John Maynard Keynes, one of the most famous economists of the next era, commemorated Thomas Malthus with the words “If he were alive today, the world would be a better place”. Malthus said that the world’s population would one day reach the saturation point, and stated that this would cause mass cadols.

According to Malhus, when the consumption rate in any area exceeds the production rate, resource deficiencies arise. The consumption rate is directly related to the increase in the population. In those years, he argued that policies such as getting married late and having fewer children should be encouraged in order to prevent possible disasters. After a certain limit was exceeded, nature would annihilate individuals who depleted their resources and upset their balance. He called it the natural balance, and his reference was to the kidollarsonic extinctions that had occurred before, when man was not even on earth. All of these extinction catastrophes had happened naturally.

Based on Malthus’ hypothesis, balancing the world population with artificial felakedollarser:

Two great world wars and epidemics of various kinds have been sold in recent history. Every single factor has cost the lives of millions of people. During the wars and conflicts of the 20th century alone, around 150 million people lost their lives. Today, it has been understood that waging war in order to balance the world population will not be a very valid method. War was blatantly murderous. According to some theorists, many methods are being planned to mask the murderousness and make the kidollarsonal carnage look like an accident.

Technology, on the other hand, plays a major role in the functional realization of these methods. Computers once used to crack submarine codes now make predictions about the future world population. Among the simulations, there are also brutal scenarios in which millions are lost to history as a result of any epidemic. Epidemics such as smallpox, tuberculosis, and leprosy that ravaged the world in the Middle Ages are a great reference for those who pursue kidollargeous carnage. Unfortunately, science and technology, which is its biggest output, cannot produce a definitive solution against bird or swine flu today. They can be weapons for the spread of a new generation epidemic disease. Think of a disease as easily contagious as the flu that can never be cured. . .

The 20th century brought the concept of globalization into our vocabulary. While most of the world is still trying to unravel the basic logic of globalization today, leaders of countries like the USA say in international meetings that they now find globalization absurd. The world is starting to take shape in the hands of more selfish people day by day.

Malthus perhaps was unaware that his thoughts would inspire the evildolls of the future, but he already gave them the spark they needed. Today, we are talking a lot about a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one of the most popular works of the industry. Although this character was fictional, his aim was to wipe out half the population in order to avoid shortages of resources. Maybe Thanos did it with a snap, but it’s easier to kill people than snapping a finger. Nobody can say that these thoughts are not engraved in people’s perceptions with a hand structure.

Your favorite Marvel characters have given you the most violent scenario of the potential future in fun language. Those evil-dollar people, whom we will later call Thanos, will not come from another planet, they are already among us.

Resources: Learner. org, United Millledollarser, Forbes, Forbes 2

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