Who dominated the game world with the Fall Guys by gaining popularity in an instant Among Us, from time to time, can come to a point that annoys people with various tricks. Here is one of these tricks Eris Loris

It was that the person named sent the same message over and over again in the game chat. Of course, the fact that the chat was filled with Eris Loris also made it possible for the players to not play.

The cheat developed by Eris Loris can help these players by bringing bot players into Among Us rooms. from the chat window was telling players to subscribe to Eris Loris. Loris, who shared the link of both Twitch and the YouTube channel, occasionally threatened players with expressions such as accessing their devices or selling their phones.

The developers updated the server, preventing the cheat:

Fed up with the gamers, Eris Loris is finally the Among Us developer InnerSloth also had a problem. After Eris’ bodols yellow began to appear in the game, InnerSloth told players that they were absolutely aware of the problem. playing in private rooms had invited.

After that, Forrest Willard, one of the Among Us developers, made an announcement. they update on the server explained. After this update, which is said to overcome the yellow of the bodols, the players about Eris Loris’ bodollar yellow no complaint made.

On the other hand, Eris Loris, the developer of the cheat, made a statement to Kotaku. Loris, your anger and hate said it was what makes this fun. Loris, ‘ If you are worried about a game and you don’t like someone random on the internet because you can’t play the game for 3 minutes, this is stupid. ‘used the phrase.

The bot trick developed by Eris Loris and herself revealed how vulnerable the servers of even the most popular games can be at times. Although Among Us is developed by a small team, it is above the developers due to the game’s current popularity is the load wouldn’t be hard to say.

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