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Scorpions and tarantulas are two ancient arthropod species that existed even before the osaurs. Well, these two poisonous arthropod who would win if they fight have you thought? Venom expert, University of Queensland research fellow Samantha Nixon is looking for an answer to this question, which many people search even on YouTube.

According to Nixon from 900 with more types tarantula


(mtag101702)2. from 500 three main factors will determine the winner in a fight between the multi-species scorpion: Poison, size and speed.

Attack: Poison

Scorpions and tarantulas contain very powerful poisons in their arsenal. Scorpions inject their venom with the sting in their tails, while tarantulas bite their opponents with their fangs.

The smaller a scorpion’s claws, the more powerful its venom. for example Leiurus Quinquestriatus

The yellow-colored and small-sized scorpion species has very small pincers, but its venom contains neurotoxins that are very harmful to the nervous system, so it can cause cardiogenic shocks. in simple words your heart; yourbrain and your kidneys to important organs such as can’t pump blood.

According to Nixon, the poison of tarantulas is not considered dangerous to humans and no human being bitten and killed by a tarantula has been recorded to date. The only thing you need to pay attention to is the type of tarantula. Southeast Asia

Found at Poecilotheria of type ornamental tarantulas.

Winner: Scorpio

Defense: Size and speed

Although poisons have a great place in the self-defense mechanisms of these warriors, of course, the size of the yellows is also very important. How big is the warrior if greater also the poison that needs to be injected to affect it so much is happening.

In Western Australia, some scorpion species are small. hunting spiders is observed, but the tarantula is not a small spider and, despite its size, it is quite fast, especially for the average scorpion. Even some tarantula species ( Arizona BlondeAphonopelma chalcodes, Mexican Red RumpDollarsiltocadollars vagans)’ Scorpion hunter’

It’s called .

Winner: Tarantula

As a result, in a possible fight, if the venom of the scorpion species is strong enough to damage the tarantula’s system despite its size, the scorpion wins the battle. If the scorpion’s venom is not strong enough to kill the tarantula, the tarantula shatters the scorpion with its speed and size. On the other hand, Nixon says: “The winner in the battle of these two arthropods is generally determined by venom, speed and size. But I think tarantulas outweigh a little.”

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