SteelSeries Arctis Series! It is vital to enjoy the game and for true gamers to always show their best performance, choosing the equipment to accompany them. A piece of equipment that performs at the most exciting and critical moments of the game also brings the player’s performance to the highest level. SteelSeries products, which are produced by teams that are also players, by including esports players and other players in the production stages, are designed knowing the whole process in the virtual world.

In-game sounds, one of the most important parts of the game, are seen as the key to making moves that will bring success. Having a headset that can hear the versatile and different-level sounds found in new technology games increases the performance of the players. SteelSeries award-winning Arctis offers gamers comfort, durability and superior performance for every budget.

The most important voices come first in Arctis 1

The Arctis 1 headset, which uses the speaker drivers used in SteelSeries’ award-winning Arctis 7 headset, stands out as the price performance star of the series. The sound quality offered by its award-winning speakers detects and accentuates subtle but critical sounds that are difficult to hear during gameplay. Thus, even if there is in-game or voice chat noise, it highlights important sounds and ensures that they do not escape your attention.

The Discord-certified ClearCast microphone on Acrtis 1 uses a bidirectional design used by carrier deck crews. No matter how noisy the environment is, it ensures that the sound is transmitted cleanly and clearly with its superior performance. In addition, thanks to the microphone that can be removed at any time, rahadollar can be used frequently both at the computer and on travelogues. The detachable microphone makes it easy to carry the headset.

Affordable price, great performance

The reinforced steel-reinforced adjustable headband of the Arctis 1 draws attention with its durability as well as its rahadollar head. In addition, with the control keys on its body, it is possible to turn the microphone on and off or to control the volume without leaving the game. Arctis 1 is compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and even mobile devices, so it can always accompany players regardless of platform. It also matches the 3D spatial audio features of the original Windows Sonic, available on Xbox ONE and Windows 10.

Arctis 3, the address of comfort and comfort

Performance and durability are combined in each member of the SteelSeries Arctis series. Another member of the series, Arctis 3, S1 speaker drivers are designed to create a balanced and clean sound atmosphere, regardless of game, music or movie. It ensures that you stay alert at all times by emphasizing the sounds in the game clearly and uninterruptedly.

The headband of Arctis 3, where comfort and comfort stand out, wraps around your head, distributes the weight comfortably and eliminates pressure points. Thus, it offers a light and comfortable use as well as durable. Also approved by esports players and inspired by adolescent athletes, AirWeave ear cushions breathe continuously and continue to stay cool and dry even during long periods of use.

Multi-platform support

Arctis 3 is designed to be compatible with PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, VR and mobile devices, that is, any platform where you can play games. It’s also compatible with the Windows Sonic audio features available on Windows 10 and Xbox One. The bidirectional design used in ClearCast microphones, which is produced with the idea that gaming microphones do not have to be bad, and which is one of the signature features of the Arctis series, can distinguish ambient noise. With its ClearCast microphones, hailed as the best gaming microphone, Arctis 3 allows you to transmit natural and clear sound in studio quality wherever you are. Combining aesthetics and comfort, Arctis 3 also has white and black color options that can be selected according to different tastes.

DTS Headphone:X 7. Arctis 5 with 1 surround sound

Arctis 5, one of the indispensable members of SteelSeries’ Arctis series, raises the bar a little higher in sound quality and performance. In addition to the S1 speaker drivers, which create a balanced and clean sound atmosphere in games, movies, music and every other environment, Arctis 5 has special DTS Headphone:X 7.1 surround sound created in cooperation with DTS. With this algorithm specially designed for Arctis by SteelSeries in partnership with DTS Headphone:X, the sounds come extremely sensitive and clear, not muffled and echoing as if the user were in a tunnel. Thanks to this special algorithm and technology, it becomes much easier to detect the position of the opponent with the ears and to distinguish the surrounding sounds much better.

Arctis 5 also features a Discord-approved ClearCast microphone that blocks out ambient noise. In addition, the USB ChatMix Dial in Arctis 5 acts as a controller, allowing you to easily change the game and voice chat sound balance at any time. Inspired by Arctis 5’s special ski goggle design, the suspension headband fits easily on your head and shapes the blade accordingly, distributing the weight evenly and eliminating pressure points. With its breathable AirWave cushions, it offers a dry and cool usage at all times.

16.8 million colors, countless customizations

Prism RGB lighting in Arctis 5 can be customized as desired, offering 16.8 million colors to choose from. With Arctis 5, special color transitions and effectdollarser can be created or all SteelSeries equipment can be linked with Prism Sync. In addition, Arctis 5 has different body designs in black and white to suit all tastes.

Today, games are played not only to have a good time and have fun, but also to achieve performance, competition and success in esports arenas. Players, on the other hand, need equipment that will accompany long gaming sessions for years, offering comfort and durability, as well as increasing gaming performance. SteelSeries also produces equipment specific to the wishes and needs of the players, which is the most important part of the game world, for the players. In addition to the needs and wishes of the players, it combines durability and performance with the award-winning Arctis quality. With its designs that capture the spirit of the game, SteelSeries is proud of being the brand that esports players earn the most prize money while using in the professional arena.

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