Valve, the new generation portable game console, which does not look for PlayStation with its price but does not satisfy with its features, the other day. introduced. With the introduction, all eyes were turned to Valve’s new console, but Steam Deck has not yet been released. not a completed console and still has some major issues.

If we look at Valve’s statements, this console is in the Steam library. all games will be able to run. However, due to problems with Steam OS, the operating system of the Steam Deck, this doesn’t seem very possible.

Steam’s most popular games not working

Steam Deck’s interface Steam OS, originally a Linux-based operating system. To be able to run games on this operating system, Valve Proton

He uses a software he calls . Proton’s official website ProtonDB

According to the data in , Steam is the most popular 4 of 10 gamesDoes not work on Steam Deck.

This is 4 games that don’t work Destiny 2, Apex Legends, PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege was announced. The reason why the games do not work is actually quite simple; all 4 games cheat protection softwareBecause games do not work on Steam OS based on Linux, unable to login to multiplayer servers.

Valve focuses on solving this problem

The software called Proton, which is used to run the games on the Steam Deck, is actually the software on Linux. Wine uses the infrastructure of the application. For this reason, Valve has developed the Proton software using the Wine system. focused on development. At this point, with the game developers will work together, Valve has released anti-cheat software in games. Want to export to Linux too.

Valve officials announced that they have started working on the subject. This issue is planned to be the operating system of Steam Deck Steam OS 3.0

They stated that it will not be in . However, it should not be forgotten that the Steam Deck is actually a portable computer rather than a console. For this reason, just like every computer, some optimization problems will be on the Steam Deck.

Also, since the Steam Deck is a computer, most people will portable computer” Windows thinks it can be installed. But by Valve Windows support any about no explanation.

Steam Deck, In December 2021 will begin to be distributed to users. We hope Valve will fix this issue soon.

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