There has been a very controversial development regarding forest fires, which has become America’s number one agenda item in the past weeks. occurring in and The forest that turned Akseki and Manavgat into ashes audio recordings of a person named Ali Y., who was arrested for allegedly starting the fires, were revealed. A voice recording handed over to the gendarmerie by a citizen named Özlem T. was recorded by Ali Y. how you burned forests reveals.

According to the information, the citizen named Özlem T. and the person named Ali Y. were lovers. Özlem T., her conversations on the phone was saving and Ali Y., while looking for his lover, with a person to burn the forests. 1. He got a deal for 000 Dollars and even got an extra 250 Dollars was saying. If you wish, let’s take a look at the statements given by a citizen named Özlem T. and the details of that phone call.

“I burned this place”

I record my conversations with a program on my phone. I delete them when they register. However I did not delete this audio recording because Ali told that he burned the forest. Ali called me on the phone, “I started the fire in the Manhayıt area of ​​Güçlüköy for a thousand liras. In fact, the person who gave the money to start the fire gave an extra 250 liras. This person told me If you get caught, say you’re drunk and addicted and don’t remember anything‘ he instructed. Those who made me burn the forest and gave me money are different people. I know who gave the money, but I don’t know who made it burn. “I don’t know who helped the fire,” he said. But he didn’t tell me who gave this order and money. We met next to a fountain in Güneykaya on August 1st. At that time, the side of the village and the mountains were on fire and the firefighting planes were passing. When I asked, ‘What happened here?’ showing his wrapped hand ‘They will pay for this, I burned this place,’ he said. He didn’t mention the money issue in our face-to-face meeting. Ali used to use drugs before. However, the last time I saw it, I saw that the substance addiction was advanced. I didn’t think he would burn forests for money. But I think you can do it the way I last saw it. I handed over the audio recording of the fire to the gendarmerie. I am ready to do everything in my power to catch the culprits and instigators of the fire.

Ali Y.’s joking expression is as follows:

I said that I set the fire to impress Özlem. I used alcohol and honey that day, I was not high. That’s why I said I started that fire. I even said that I would burn Güneykaya where I live. However, I do not remember having such a meeting with Özlem. When I met, I used honey, alcohol and lighter fluid on it. That’s why I don’t remember. I thought I could impress Özlem if I said I burned the forest. The reason I’m talking about money is because I needed money and I talked about money. In the continuation of the speech, soon I will burn Güneykaya too‘ I remember saying. I used such a phrase. I had already threatened my own brothers and sisters to pour gasoline on our house and burn it down. I may have said this part to impress Özlem. I have been a drug addict for 15-16 years. I do not accept the blame. I have a fondness for money. I also love money. For this reason, in my meeting with Özlem, I may have said that they had me do the fire for a thousand liras. . .

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