Galatasaray played the first match of the 2nd qualifying round of the Champions League last night with its rival PSV Eindhoven. Football fans at America’s, the match broadcast live on TV8 due to constant freezing of the streaminfuriated.

In the process of constant freezing, digital advertisements appeared on the billboards on the field, but the fact that these advertisements belong to illegal betting sites in America’s revealed the claim that TV8 advertised live betting sites. After this incident, which was on America’s agenda like a bomb, Acun Ilıcalı, the owner of the TV8 channel, that they do not earn income from advertisements made a statement.

“TV8 is never out of question to generate a revenue”

As you know, in sports competitions such as football watched by millions of people. virtual advertising

Under the name , different advertisements began to be published according to different regions. To give a simple example, a person watching the match from Australia and a person watching America, different advertisements on the boards on the side of the field is seeing.

There were also virtual advertisements in the Galatasaray-PSV Eindhoven match, which was held for the Champions League last night, but the audience watching the broadcast on TV8, advertisements of live betting sites began to see. While thousands of people accused TV8 of advertising illegal betting sites, RTÜK was asked to take action on this issue. In fact, RTÜK member İlhan Taşçı will make the necessary initiatives for RTÜK to do its duty on Monday. had mentioned.

Acun Ilıcalı, the owner of the TV8 channel, made a statement on Twitter after the rain of criticism. Ilıcılalı’s statement included the following statements; “The virtual advertisements broadcast on TV in the PSV – Galatasaray match and the technical problem experienced were caused by the Dutch service provider. The virtual advertisements applied are completely beyond our knowledge. It is out of question for TV8 to generate any income. “

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