While the danger of depletion of our planet’s resources increases every year, the interest in renewable energy continues to increase, although not at the same rate. It is an undeniable fact that universities, which we call science houses, should also adapt to this situation. the first step came from Stanford University in the USA.

Despite this negative situation, Stanford University, which destroyed one of its solar panel double cycles by burning, as of 2022. will be using completely renewable energy. This energy source will be the sun.

Stanford currently gets 65% of its energy from the sun

The university, which has been working on generating electricity with solar energy since 2015, produced 5 megawatts of energy through the panels installed on the roofs when it first stepped into this field. by increasing it to 67 megawatts has become able to meet 65% of the university’s energy needs.

Stanford, which currently consumes a large amount of solar energy, is in a position to meet all its electricity needs from the sun. It is said that the year 2022 will find the summer months.

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Michael Lewis


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