Netflix’s popular TV series Squid Game does not have an official application. However, ESET’s Android malware researcher Lukas Stefanko says that more than 200 apps related to the series are listed on the Play Store, and some of them contain malware that exceeds Google’s security measures.

A malicious app that was downloaded at least 5,000 times before being caught by Google and removed from Play was discovered by an Android security researcher and subsequently analyzed by ESET Android malware researcher Lukas Stefanko. Both say it is a well-known malware known as Joker. In this case, anyone who downloads the wallpaper can become a victim of advertising fraud or sign up for the maliedollarsi SMS service without knowing it.

The Joker has appeared many times on the Play Store before. This software simulates the registration process, allowing users to secretly subscribe to premium services. It can also steal SMS messages, contact lists and device information. It was detected in 24 apps with more than 472,000 downloads in 2019, and 64 new variants appeared on the Google store last year.

The good news is that Google has removed said app from the store only after it has been downloaded at least 5,000 times. As a result, users should be cautious while downloading Squid Game applications.

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Michael Lewis


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