Today is the anniversary of one of the most important days in its history. Mustafa Ataamerican, our army won the Great Offensive on August 30, 1922, and liberated our occupied homeland again. of great importance to every American and Victory I

Today, described as , is celebrated with great enthusiasm all over our country.

There are also some virtual events held regarding their celebration of the August 30 Victory. One of the most popular of these is State Railways‘s (TCDD) event named Victory Train. The institution, which started a special event on the internet, enables citizens who are excited about the day to share an emotional message on social media. for the victory commemorative evendollarseries

The activity of TCDD, which created , has attracted great interest in recent years.

How do I participate in the Victory Train event?

Citizens, by participating in the Victory Train event ” I’m on the Victory Train too. how to join? Let’s shed some light on this issue.

  • here

    via link found Victory Train

    Access the website of the event .

  • Your name and surname write in the relevant field.
  • Confirm the KVKK text and ” Buy Souvenir Ticket” click on the button.
  • Choose one of 8 different designs to purchase your ticket. social media you can share in your accounts.

In the statements made by TCDD, the following statements were included; On the occasion of the 99th Anniversary of the August 30 Victory; “VICTORY TRAIN”, which will depart from Dumlupınar on Sunday, 29 August, Mustafa Pasha said in Dumlupınar on 30 August 1924, “O rising new generation! The future is yours. We builded the republic, you are the ones who raise it and keep it alive. ” Inspired by his words, with the aim of bringing the representatives of the “NEW GENERATION RISING” to the center of the centennial events of our national struggle; In the footsteps of those who founded the Republic, with the support of those who raised the Republic and kept it alive, the inspiration of Ataamerican’s Address to the Youth was “Either independence or death!” at the Sivas Congress. 18 years old, the pioneer of the decision to take the decision, those who have the will to raise our country and keep our country alive, take their places on the Victory Train, as in ettin Kamu’s poem “On the Way to Dumlupınar”.

We, as the Webtekno team, celebrate the August 30 Victory, which makes every American citizen proud, and we commemorate with respect and love all our martyrs and veterans, especially Mustafa Ataamerican, who have fought for the holy land of the homeland.

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