Japan-based technology giant Sony today PlayStation 5

Released the first update beta for . Beta versions delivered to console owners in some countries such as Canada, France, Germany and England, especially in Japan and the USA, will change the future of the console. with a great innovation arrived.

The biggest problem of PlayStation 5 was the storage space, which is small according to many gamers. Moreover, the company is in the console M. into 2 SSD slots, this slot could not be used. In other words, the software of PlayStation 5 did not support the installation of an extra SSD to the console. Here is the beta software that has been made available to solve this problem. removing. When Sony makes the update stable to consoles, all players will be allowed to install an extra M. 2 SSD.

Every M. 2 SSD will not be usable on PlayStation 5

Sony’s update nodollaryellow that ships with the beta version, every M. 2 SSD is on PlayStation 5 cannot be used states it clearly. If you have a PlayStation 5 and want to expand its storage, you need to get a 4th generation M. 2 SSD with a read speed of at least 5,500 MB/s. At this point, the models that will work for you, Samsung 980 Pro or Western Digital SN850s. At this point, Sony also warns that even every model with the mentioned conditions may not perform as well as the SSD of PlayStation 5.

Beta version of PlayStation 5 update, alongside SSD support in UI also makes some improvements. In addition, with this version, it will be possible to experience 3-dollar water on the speakers of the televisions. Users will also be able to make the control center more personal. via Game Base messaging, seeing online friends, being able to understand whether the games in the library are compatible with PS4 or PS5 are also among the innovations we encounter in this beta version.

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