Qualcomm will introduce for high-end devices in a few months Snapdragon 898

While various rumors about continue to emerge, the test results of the chip we mentioned were published on Geekbench. SM8450 hardware code of Snapdragon 898 consist of cores with lower clock speeds than anticipated left a question mark in mind.

Snapdragon 898, according to test results published on Geekbench V2102A

It was featured on an unnamed Vivo phone with the model number . Since there are no Vivo branded smartphones matching this model number Snapdragon 898 is estimated to be tested on a prototype device. Apart from this, if we take a brief look at the details of the processor, first of all, we will see the ” Taro”, we see that it is called by the code name. Designed with three different types of cores, Snapdragon 898 has 8 cores in total. One of these 2. Main core clocked at 42 GHz, 2. Three medium-power cores running at 42 GHz and finally 1. Four power-efficient cores clocked at 79 GHz. If it’s on the GPU side Adreno 730 welcomes us. It should also be noted that the Vivo V2102A, whose model name is unknown, was also tested with 8 GB of RAM. Device, 720 points in single core test and 1919 points in multi-core test got it.

The Geekbench results of the Snapdragon 898 don’t look very interesting at first glance. Because the scores obtained in single-core and multi-core tesdollarser Way below even Snapdragon 888. So are the clock speeds. This situation Qualcomm is still working on the new chip and hardware is still in early testing phase is showing. When the Snapdragon 898 is made available to smartphone manufacturers, the test scores here will change drastically we can say.

Snapdragon 898 Specs – Source: GeekBench

Snapdragon 898 Specs – Source: GeekBench

In addition, the new Qualcomm chip can go up to 3.09 GHz. ARM Cortex-X2

We already know that it will use the main core. According to ARM’s latest statement, this kernel Promises up to 16 percent performance improvement over Cortex-X1. In addition, even with the Snapdragon 888 ARM Cortex-X1 core, it can run at 2.84 GHz, while using the main core of the Snapdragon 898 with 2.42 GHz. doesn’t make much sense.

Snapdragon 898, medium and power efficiency kernels are also ARM’s new Cortex-A710 and Cortex-A510 V9 will use their designs. These are about approx. said to be 30 percent more efficient. More than any factor, the new chip With 4nm process process to be produced can be considered a significant improvement in terms of performance and efficiency. As for production Samsung and of TSMC is among those reported to be working together. According to this Snapdragon 898 Samsung, Snapdragon 898+ will be produced by TSMC. More information on the subject is likely to be shared by various sources in the coming weeks. Do not forget to express your thoughts in the comments.

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