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Especially due to the pandemic conditions we are in, many workplaces have switched to remote working, ie mobility working system. The most important reasons for such an easy transition to such a different working system, Slack and similar business applications has become widespread. Although it has many different alternatives, it is still one of the most frequently used applications for internal communication. Slack.

Slack; is an in-house communication application where you can set up private channels, communicate with other people one-to-one, integrate with many different applications and can be easily customized. Considering that the mobility system will become more widespread and perhaps the most common working system in the future. Some important tips about Slack It is good for all employees to know.

You can use shortcuts to easily find the messages you are looking for:

With Slack, it is extremely easy to find what you are looking for among hundreds of messages from dozens of different channels or people. Written by a person, shared on a channel, or you type to a specific person

There are some shortcuts you can type in the Slack search engine to find the message.

  • To search for messages in a specific channel, in: @channel name

    Type .

  • To search for a message you wrote to a specific person, in: @name

    Type .

  • To search for a message sent to you, to: me

    Type .

  • To search for a message sent from a specific person, from: @name

    Type .

  • To search for messages sent by you only, from: me

    Type .

  • To search for messages containing a URL, has: link

    Type .

  • To search for messages that have reacted, has: reaction

    Type .

  • To search a message by date; before: date, after: date, on: day / month / year, during: month / year

    Type .

You don’t have to use the mudollaraka search box to search for messages in Slack. Instead, when you’re in a channel or private conversation, tap the message box / s

Type and then one of the top shortcuts

Just add . The search result screen will appear quickly and you will easily find the type of messages you are looking for.

You can switch channels quickly:

Slack for fast switching between channels or contacts Jump to feature

You can use . To open the Jump to screen Ctrl + K

Just press the key combination. On the Jump to search screen, you will see all the channels you are in and the people you can communicate with. You can choose from the list or enter the name of the channel or person you want to switch to, and quickly reach that page.

You can fix important messages:

A message that you always want everyone to see on a channel, or a message you always want to be seen in a private conversation, to the call screen

You may find fixed. To do this, click the three dots button on the message or press and hold the message in the mobile application and Pin to this conversation

Just tap or click . You can follow the same steps to undo the Sabidollareme transaction.

You can customize your messages:

In addition to bolding and bending the text of the message you share in a channel or with a person via Slack, making it bold and italic different features you can apply. Moreover, you only need to type a few shortcuts to implement these features.

  • Use the beginning and end of the text to cross out ~

    Add mark .

  • Added in front of text>

    The mark turns the text into a block quote.

  • >>>

    The mark makes a messy text a single block.

  • Added to the beginning and end of the text `

    The mark makes the text red, inserts it in a frame, and gives the code appearance.

You can specify who will receive your message:

Of the people you send the message to to get your attention faster There are some tips you can use. @everyone

With the tag, everyone, @channel

With the tag, only the people in that channel, @group

With the tag, people in a certain group and @here

With the tag, you can ensure that everyone who is online at that moment is aware of the message.

You can search via Slack:

In addition to sending text messages and files via Slack, you can also make voice and video calls. During a call that you initiate by clicking the handset button in the upper right corner of a person’s message page, you can easily screen sharing and let the other party work on your screen.

You can set keyword notifications:

  • Step # 1: Open a channel chat.
  • Step # 2: In the upper right corner i

    Click the button.

  • Step # 3: Three point signs More

    Click the button.

  • Step # 4: Change Notifications

    Click .

  • Step # 5: At the bottom of the screen Preferences

    Click on .

  • Step # 6: Add any keywords to your My Keyword field by separating them with commas.
  • Step # 7: After adding all the words, you can turn off the screen.

Among the messages shared on a channel, you can use the above steps. is the words you chose You can set to receive notifications about messages. It is also possible to make changes on many different settings related to notifications on the Preferences screen.

You can silence notifications temporarily:

It is possible to completely silence, limit, turn on or silence the notifications you receive over Slack for a certain period of time. Moreover, only to silence for a certain time several shortcuts to the message box

Just type . In the message box / dnd

After typing / dnd until 3:00, / dnd for 20 minutes, / dnd until tomorrow morning

You can customize it as as you wish.

You can create reminders:

You can create reminders for your contact, other people or a channel on Slack. In the message box / remind

After typing / remind @milton. waddams Get new stapler Monday morning, / remind #initech Submit TPS reports every Friday, / remind #remotestaff Submit expenses on the 28th of every month

You can customize it as as you wish. Slack, As it has an English interface you need to write in English, just like notification silences.

You can use Slack and different apps together:

Lightning strikes below the message box while on a channel or in a private conversation Shortcuts

You will see button. When you click here, you will see different applications such as BlueJeans, Google Calender, Google Drive, Simple Poll, Trello. Applications you choose from here You can use it with Slack. You may need to download some apps to use them. You can also access the download files on Slack.

You can create your own domain:

When you start to use the Slack application, the Slackbot service will welcome you, here you can find information about the application as well as communicate with Slack. Also via Slack private conversation area

You can open and store different messages such as messages and files in this area.

With the widespread use of the mobility working system, becoming even more important We have explained 12 useful features and important tips you need to know about Slack, one of the in-house communication applications.

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