In recent years, Chinese electric car manufacturers have slowly started to make their names known to the world and set out for Europe. One of these companies was Skywell , which entered the European market earlier this year . After Europe, Skywell entered the American market, this time with the distributorship of Ulu Motor.

The fully electric model of the Chinese automaker, the ET5, went on sale in America as of November. The car, which comes to our country with three different equipment levels, has a price tag starting from 550 thousand Dollars and going up to 760 thousand Dollars. It is stated that the car can travel 520 kilometers on a single charge.

Wanted to sell 1000 units in 2022:

Skywell America CEO commenting on Skywell’s arrival in America Mahmut Ulubaş stated that they received the first 25 unit orders before the vehicles arrived in America. Ulubaş announced that their target by the end of 2021 is to sell 100 units . Stating that they expect to sell 8 thousand electric cars in total next year, Ulubaş added that they aim for 1,000 of them to be Skywell ET5 . He also stated that they will introduce 5 new electric models to the market in the next 5 years.

The electric car model of the Chinese manufacturer, the Skywell ET5, has an engine that offers 150 kW of power. The vehicle can reach 0 to 100 in approximately 7.9 seconds with this engine . The battery of Skywell ET5 is guaranteed for 8 years and 150 thousand kilometers in America. Skywell, which started production of electric vehicles in 2011, increased its value billion dollars in 2018.

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