Developed by Last Software in 2001, owned by Google for a while, and finally incorporated into Trimble. SketchUp 3 sizedollarsu modeling software, is one of the most admired programs by many designers for many years. Since it has an extremely simple and useful interface, it is the first choice for 3D modeling in many areas. SketchUp program is happening.

Despite all this SketchUp may not appeal to every user and sometimes you may want to use software that offers much more. Fortunately, there are many free alternatives that you can use instead of this software. Each one stands out with its different features. SketchUp alternative we have listed 3 sizedollarsu programs. While most are free, some may offer paid subscriptions or purchases for additional services.

SketchUp alternative 3 sizedollarsu modeling programs:

  • FreeCAD
  • Blender
  • Sweet Home 3D
  • Shapr3D
  • Wings 3D
  • pCon. planner
  • MakeHuman
  • Autodesk Fusion 360
  • Blophome

Ideal for product designs: FreeCAD

FreeCAD, an open source 3D modeling software; It works successfully on Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems. One of the most important SketchUp alternatives, although it is used especially by engineers for product design, it also offers prominent features for architects. 3-Dollarwater design components are dense, but it is also very useful for 2-Dollarwater designs.

3-dollar water content creation package: Blender

Blender is not just a 3ddollar modeling program, it is a 3ddollar content creation package. 3D modeling with this package, interactive 3D application, simulation,You can make animation, solid objects, fluid objects and create different object amics. In addition to being open source, Blender also declares that it will be free forever. All users can develop scripts in the Python programming language.

Design an entire house: Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is a Java-based 3D modeling program. As the name suggests, it focuses on interior architectural designs. With Sweet Home 3D can design the entire interior plan of a house, you can produce furniture suitable for this design and walk around this house with a 3-dollar simulation. It works successfully on all operating systems, but because it is a simple program, it is not recommended for professional users.

For iPad users: Shapr3D

It would be more accurate to say that Shapr3D is a mobile application, not a program, because it has been specially developed for designs to be made with Apple Pencil on iPads. Even if you are drawing your designs on the iPad, all of your content is will be compatible with all CAD programs. So with Shapr3D, maybe you can make a draft design on iPad and then transfer this design to different software to develop it.

Design cartoon characters: Wings 3D

Wings 3D is a very simple 3D modeling software. Because it offers a basic use no animation preparation feature but There is no limit to 3D design. With Wings 3D you can make architectural designs, design engineering products and even create master hadollars of 3D characters for a cartoon.

One of the notable SketchUp alternatives: pCon. planner

pCon, a 3D modeling program focused on interior design. with the planner can draw the internal structure of a house and you can get a 3D view by designing furniture suitable for this structure. pCon that supports dwg, dxf, 3ds, skp and similar file formats. Planner can also be used in different design areas, as it also has 2-sizedollar water components.

Model realistic people: MakeHuman

MakeHuman, as the name suggests, is a program specially developed for 3D human modeling. With this open source program It is also possible to make interactive designs. The prominent feature of MakeHuman program is that it has GUI© and Natural Pose System© muscle simulations internally. Thanks to these systems, 3D-dollar human models have real features.

You can use it with 3 sizedollar water printers: Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is a freelance design program. In other words, using this program, you can make 3D models in all kinds of design areas. In fact, if you have products designed with Autodesk Fusion 360, it is possible to animate them with a 3D printer. Via the program for making simple animations you can observe the testing stages of engineering products digitally.

Software with experience: BRL-CAD

The BRL-CAD program has been serving the design world for nearly 20 years. with BRL-CAD interactive geometric editing, You can perform operations such as geometric analysis, ray tracing, signal processing. Along with BRL-CAD, you also get a system performance analysis benchmarking package and cross-platform geometric library.

For interior design: Blophome

Blophome is a 3D modeling software specially developed for interior design. Don’t expect high performance, but if you have a basic design in mind You can do it successfully with Blophome. You can design an interior, create the appropriate furniture for this space, and see this space you have created in 3 dimensions.

An alternative to SketchUp 3 sizedollar water modeling programwe have listed the software that callers can use free of charge and briefly mentioned its prominent features. If you are using one of the programs on our list, you can share your experience in the comments.

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