He met Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 and played an important role in the establishment of Google, one of the biggest in the technology sector today. Scott Hassan

It was revealed that conspired with his wife, Allison Hyunh, whom he divorced in 2020. Hassan is about a website he founded and his wife. sharing embarrassing stories, which led to the disgrace of the unfortunate woman.

In an interview with the New York Times, Allison Hyunh said, ” It was mainly done to embarrass and intimidate me. I’m devastated.“. Explaining that he worked with experts to own the website, but no one could do anything, Hyunh said that he rolled up his sleeves and took action. with a description he found stated that he understood that the website established in his name was founded by his ex-wife, Scott Hassan.

“I laugh at your stinginess”

Hyunh spoke on the subject after years of divorce processes mentioned. Mentioning that her ex-wife is literally a miser, the woman used the following expressions: his laughing at your stinginess. A Big Tech billionaire’s attempt to deceive his kids and me as he left everything I pray that you don’t get away with it.

Scott Hassan removes website after pleading guilty

who set up a website to share embarrassing information about his wife, and identifiedScott Hassan also made some statements on the subject. Hassan, who confessed his guilt, ” I felt that Allison and her lawyer were telling one-sided stories to the press. disappointment I did it instantly. I thought it would help to gather public information without commenting or editing. It only made our disagreement more tense. this was never what I intended.“. Scott Hassan also spoke about the ongoing property division issue, ” Things are never easy at the end of a relationship and a divorce that has lasted this long. I have no doubt that we will reach a decision that will enrich him for generations.”.

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