Recently, there has been a serious increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths from COVID-19 in our country. Although vaccine studies prevent this increase from reaching the gigantic sizedollarar; The fact that the bans have been completely lifted and the movement brought by the summer naturally prevents the decrease in the number of cases.

The number of people who die every day due to the virus is over 200 people per day. According to a new statement by an expert, this situation will continue for a while. If the reason a substantial number of people who do not want to be vaccinated and its role in herd immunity.

“COVID-19 deaths due to unvaccinated will continue to be high”

While the bans aimed at taking the pandemic under control are still in progress, the accelerated vaccination studies tell us that the cases will not increase in the summer; even thought it would decrease. However, this was not the case, no matter how fast the vaccination campaign progressed. Because in order to prevent the spread of the virus, it was necessary to vaccinate a large part of the population and thus to gain herd immunity. However, even though we have come to the end of summer The number of those who received 2 doses of vaccine was limited to only 35 million.

Due to COVID-19 yesterday 232 people lost their lives. Such a daily death toll was last seen in the spring, when cases jumped. Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener, in a program he attended on NTV, stated that the daily death tolls would remain so high for a while. Because there are 16 million people who have never been vaccinated and only 35 million people who have received 2 doses of vaccine in our country. In addition, the vast majority of those who carry COVID-19 carry the Delta variant of the virus. When all these factors come together, it is inevitable that the death toll will increase.

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