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In Yulin, Guangxi city of China, which is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of both population and population, more and more people are born every summer solstice.‘Yulin Dog Eating Festival’

A festival known as is held. The festival, which is held between 21 and 30 June, receives reactions from many parts of the world every year because of the treatment of dogs.

In this context, today against the festival on Instagram“Save a Dog”

A campaign was launched under the name . International organization of the Humane Society, a US-based animal rights protection organizationHumane Society International previously made allegations of fraudPlant A Tree that every post made within the scope of the campaign allegedly organized together with $0.01

It was said to be worth .

Campaign allegedly fake:

Discussions about the campaign, which reached hundreds of thousands of Instagram users in a short time, continue to grow.Plant A Tree

Detailed research after dozens of fraud claims involving the site previously revealed that the campaign reallyfake and to the initiative’s websiteto attract traffic indicates that it may have been edited.

At this point, after doing a short search on Google under the name of “Plant A Tree”, “I have been talking about the brand on many forums and news sites, especially on Reddit.”scam and scam”, it can be seen that content is created with the titles.

Columnist focused verification / falsification platformInformationdisclosure. organ of this campaign launched on Instagram.fake

It claims to be . According to the statement, the profile in question was previouslyBlack Lives Matterprotests andForest fires in Australia, it came to the fore with campaigns with similar content during the process.

The initiative called Plant A Tree is the reason why these campaigns to drive traffic to the site that the income from the sales will be donated to the campaigns had said. However, there is no evidence that the income from the products sold on the site with the promise of donating to the campaign is donated to charity.

What happened as a result?

The initiative called Plant A Tree, made on Instagramthat they do not earn any income from the shares claims that revenue is generated from the sales made thanks to the traffic coming to the site through these shares and donations are made with these revenues.

When we look at the websites, we see that necklaces, which normally have a price tag of $ 29.95, but are sent free of charge as part of the campaign, are sold.AliBaba. com on orders of 120 pieces or more

(mtag101702) for $0.42, not surprisingly, if you want to buy one of these necklaces. $8.95 shipping fee is being requested. In other words, although the necklaces with a price tag of $ 29.95 seem to be free, users are charged a $ 9 shipping fee. Moreover, the same necklaces are offered for sale at much lower prices on AliBaba.

As a result, we see that there are many similar campaigns in the past of Plant A Tree that aimed to generate income by exploiting human emotions. However, unfortunately, there is no evidence that the promised donations in these campaigns were actually made.no evidence found. It seems that the startup uses such campaigns to drive traffic to their site.

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119 shares, 332 points

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