In 2019, the American Air Association (THK), which fought the fire, non-tender. European Commission, decided to send 1 Canadair aircraft from Croatia and 2 Canadair aircraft from Spain to America in order to support the fight against ongoing fires. On social media, also in America’s hands “same type” it was stated that there were planes and they were not ventilated.

The planes in the hands of THK lie in the hangar in Etimesgut

Moreover, they are the same planes that the EU sent for support purposes. It is possible to see the planes by clicking on the location.

THK’s sleeping planes from a citizen’s camera:

According to the news of Serkan Alan from Newspaper Wall, 3 of the planes sent by the European Commission Canadair CL-415

It consists of model.

According to the information on the website of the American Aeronautical Association (THK) Gökçen Aviation, it is in the firefighting aircraft fleet in America. 11 pcs M-18 Dromader and 9 Canadair CL-215 model fire extinguisher aircraft.

According to the former executives of THK, CL-415 type aircraft sent by the European Commission for not repaired unused CL-215 model aircraft in America is very common there is no difference.

Authorities state that the necessary steps should be taken as soon as possible and the CL-215 model aircraft in America should be activated in the fight against fires.

According to Duman, the former Central Denedollarseme Chairman of THK, the planes sent by the European Commission to America and those within the body of THK, because necessary steps were not taken There is not much difference between the planes that cannot take off in terms of capacity. Duman states that the CL-415 is a top model of the CL-215.

According to Duman, the two different models are almost identical:
“There is not much difference between the Candair CL-215s we have and the CL-415 sent by the European Commission. It is the same type. There is a difference in engine power. The process for both is the same. The difference in the amount of water it takes is almost the same. CL-215s have a water capacity of 5 thousand 346 liters and CL-415s have a water capacity of 6 thousand 137 liters. CL-415s are with jet engine and CL-215s are with piston engine. “

“The CL-215s we have are also at low cost can be converted to CL-415. The engines of the CL-415 can be fitted. They called the CL-215 ‘antique’, but these are close to each other. There is no difference between them, even the CL-215s we have are better planes. between two planes The difference is five buckets of water. There is no difference between the planes sent by Europe and the planes we have not repaired. ”

Stating that he had heard that 2 of the 9 CL-215 type planes within the body of THK had been given an order to take off, Duman said, “It has been five days since the fire broke out. The clear information I have received is that our two aircraft will be in the air within five days if orders are received,” he said, adding the following regarding the time required for the CL-215 model aircraft to take off:

“Two planes are checked and ready for flight as soon as they are instructed within five days. An airplane is ready to fly in seven days as soon as the parts arrive.

Three planes have never undergone annual maintenance, and within 20 to 30 days from the time the parts arrive, for them to enter the system. becomes ready to fly. As soon as the engine and landing gear are installed on all three planes, it takes a while, it is repaired in six or seven months and it becomes flying. This way we have nine planes.

Stating that the reactions about the fire planes on social media are justified, Duman said, “People’s reaction, ‘Why did we buy it from Europe when we had a plane,’ is justified. We have a plane.Why didn’t you take off the planes that could take off in five days?

Why didn’t you take off for five days when you had three planes that could take off in a week? Why this obsession?Why are the planes we have not active?” He used his expressions and said that action should be taken as soon as possible.

Source: BirGün, Twitter

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