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Turning your phone on and off may seem like a simple gesture. But when it comes to cadollarable devices, behind every cadollar move there is research and innovation based on thousands of saadollarsic efforts. The Hidden Hinge technology, first used in the Galaxy Z Flip and later in the Galaxy Z Fold2, is the clearest indication of this.

After the first Galaxy Fold, Samsung is introducing a completely new style of device interaction for users by developing the new Hidden Hinge feature, which increases durability and can offer Flexible Mode. Experts tell directly how Samsung overcame the technical difficulties when designing the hinge of the Galaxy Z Fold2.

While the traditional smartphone perception changed with the first Galaxy Fold, there were still design elements that needed improvement. In Galaxy Z Fold2, some changes have been made to the Hidden Hinge mechanism that improves the amazing device experience. The new hinge uses a special CAM structure with two separate protruding parts that interlock in stages, allowing the device to stay in Flexible Mode. Galaxy Z Fold2 has a stronger holding force that holds the device open 180 degrees and prevents it from accidentally closing. To meet the requirements of the larger form option, the Galaxy Z Fold2 has more CAM structures and springs than the Galaxy Z Flip, but still retains its compact design. SeungHyun Hwan, from Samsung Electronics Advanced Mechanical R&D Group, says: “The Hidden Hinge, which was first used on the Galaxy Z Flip, received positive feedback from users for its Flexible Mode and stable staffing experience. We wanted to preserve these strengths in our new product. ”

Although it looks simple from the outside, the Concealed Hinge has a very complex structure consisting of more than 60 extremely small parts. Engineers aren’t the only team that brought it to life. The product design team also plays an important role. SeungHyun Hwan said, “We had to come up with a subtle solution. After examining dozens of alternatives with the design team, we managed to reduce the part where the hinge will be placed to the most suitable level, and in this way, we revealed the final design. ” says.

One of the biggest challenges in developing a customizable device is preventing dirt and dust from getting into the hinge and wreaking havoc on the bottom of the screen. There must be a small gap in the hinge that allows the device to be folded and opened. However, such a gap also makes the device vulnerable to damage from dust. That’s why Samsung created the Sweep mechanism for the Concealed Hinge. Hee-Cheul Moon from Samsung Electronics Advanced Mechanical R&D Group explains: “We needed to develop a technology that could bridge the gap between the front of the device and the hinge housing. The solution we developed was the Sweeping technology, which can close the gap with its flexible structure even while on the move. ”

To meet the requirements of the Galaxy Z Fold2 device, the Sweep mechanism had to meet three conditions. First, it had to be durable. In order to adapt to the usage style of kadollarsable devices, the hinge had to be able to make at least 200,000 cadollarycable movements. The second was that flexibility was also preserved for the movement of all the small components of the hinge. Finally, in order for the Galaxy Z Fold2 to be light and thin, it had to be small in size. After eliminating 98 different ideas, Samsung’s engineers thought of the unthinkable: vacuum cleaners in our homes. Moon continues: “The brushes of vacuum cleaners have an elastic body made of fibres. We realized that it was short enough to be used on our device. We processed fibers shorter than 1 mm and turned them into flexible parts suitable for device life. ”

Thanks to the sweeping technology, users can use their devices on and off as they wish, without worrying about dust or dirt that may get under the screen.

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