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The biggest advantage of wireless headphones over wired headphones is definitely. The fact that there is no cable connected to the phone in the middle does not connect you to the phone and you can use the headset wherever you want within a certain area. You can swing your hand as you wish, and while moving, you can get rid of the vicious attack of the swinging cable.

But when you decide to buy a wireless headset, we have a zibilion of options. While each headset offers certain advantages over its competitors in its field, it also has some disadvantages. Samsung Galaxy Buds + was the headset I ended my quest for wireless headphones. Well, What is the Samsung Galaxy Buds + headphone? The answer to this question is the headset. as someone who has been using it for a long time I give in detail. For those who do not want to read the article at length, I prepared a list as follows:

  • Note: This article is an article in which I convey my personal experiences and it is not for advertising purposes in any way, it is a guide.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + overview:

Who should buy the Samsung Galaxy Buds +?

  • Especially Samsung phone or any Android phone users (iOS compatibility is also available for Apple users)
  • While in sports, running, cycling etc. Those who want the headset to stay in their ear
  • Those who want to use for a long time
  • Those who want to avoid charging problems


  • Small and well-fitting structure, largely preventing external sound
  • IPX2 water resistance certificate
  • 11 hours from the time it is out of the charging box, 22 hours in total with the box
  • Support for wireless charging
  • Quality sound with 2 outer 1 inner microphones
  • Ability to transmit outside sound to your ear with microphones
  • Quality sound experience overall
  • Customizable touch controls
  • Quick connection


  • Auto play stops when you take it off your ear
  • (Personal) The bass is not at a satisfactory level
  • Lack of active noise canceling feature offered by its competitors
  • Limited codec support

Samsung Galaxy Buds + review:

For those in the same situation as me: My decision process on Samsung Galaxy Buds +:

First of all, to this article by mentioning why I decided on Samsung Galaxy Buds + would be best to start. I, in price band 500 – 800 Dollars I was looking for a headset. Headphones in this price range usually offer sound performance just one click above mid-range wireless headphones. However, the wireless headphones have a huge impact on the price, and when the current is involved, wireless headphones can burn pockets.

Huawei FreeBuds 3i, Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earphones 2, Razer Hammerhead TWS Earbuds and JBL Tune T220 TWS earphones were the ones that caught my eye when I was looking for a headset in this price band. Each model had its own advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion, when I evaluated the design and features, there were two options left for me: Huawei FreeBuds 3i and Samsung Galaxy Buds +.

The main difference between these two earbuds is that of Huawei’s earphones for almost the same price. active noise canceling feature. The other two important differences were design and manufacturer. On the design side, Huawei followed a similar design to Apple’s AirPods, meaning the headphones had a ‘tail’. Galaxy Buds +, on the other hand, were smaller in size and hardly protruding out of the ear.

This difference didn’t really affect me. Therefore, back-active noise canceling feature and manufacturer options were left. The reason I made the manufacturer a benchmark is that both headphones Huawei and Samsung ecosystems was included separately. My choice here would naturally be in favor of Samsung because I was using a Samsung phone. However, Huawei was very attractive to offer active noise canceling feature. Even so “ probably not a very high quality feature at this price (in my opinion) saying “ I chose to enter the Samsung ecosystem. I placed the order and received the headset.

My general comments:

As someone who has been using Samsung Galaxy Buds + for a long time and reminding that this article is not an advertisement, I am greatly satisfied I can tell. The headset has never let me down when it comes to connectivity when I go to the gym and go on long bike rides.

Sound experience:

Speaking of sound experience, I am a type who plays all kinds of music, from rap to metal, from 70s classics to blues, and watches a lot of videos, movies and TV shows. Headphones, to the extent that you can distinguish between treble and bass in all kinds of music, allowing you to hear each instrument separately offers a sound experience. But the only thing I’m not happy with is especially when I rap and metal bass sound is insufficient for me. This doesn’t mean there is no bass in the headphones. But if, like me, you want to hear the kick of the drum or the bass in the beats so loud as to make your ears padded, these headphones might fail you a little bit.

Noise canceling without noise canceller:

Although these headphones lack the active noise canceling feature unlike some competitors in the same segment, I am honestly saying that when I wear the headphones I say goodbye to the outside world. The design of the headphones fits my ears perfectly and leaves no gaps. If I’m starting to play any audio no matter how loud the environment is, all I hear is music. I have used these headphones in many environments, such as streets with plenty of traffic and everyone honking, and gyms with all kinds of strange noises and unstable volume music.

Top-of-the-line microphone quality:

One of the biggest advantages of wireless headphones is that you can talk without taking your phone. However, as long as the headphones are not in the upper segmendollar series, they can often torture the other person to understand what you are saying. But in the conversations I made with this headset in rainy weather, crowded environment and windy weather, the people in front of me about hearing and understanding me so far had no issues.

You can hear the outside sound when you want:

The microphones in the Samsung Galaxy Buds + have a quality sound as well as an extremely useful feature. Galaxy Wearables

Using the application, you can use the external sound of the headphones to your ear. in four different levels. So the outside noise is coming to you through microphones. This is a feature I use a lot in situations such as chatting with a person while playing music, not being completely closed to the inner world while walking on the road. But I can say that it is not very good in windy environments.

Touch controls:

You don’t have to worry when you are away from the phone while using the headphones. From your cheeks with touch control Buds + allows you to give commands like play / pause music by touch, accept / reject calls and skip to next / previous song. In addition, when you turn on the feature of double-tapping the edge of the headset via Galaxy Wearable, you can volume control by tapping the earpiece you can also supply. In addition to all these, you can customize the touch controls.


Here at this point is a the ecosystem advantage you get by sticking to the manufacturer. you see it live. As soon as you open the cover of the headset, the phone automatically connects to the headphones if Bluetooth is turned on. In my own use This connection process of no more than 3 seconds

When is complete, a screen showing the charge level of the earbuds and the box is shown. After that, you can continue from where you left off on Spotify without taking the phone by touching the earphones you have on your ear once.

You can wear it for long enough to get bored:

The Samsung Galaxy Buds + is really comfortable and lightweight. I say without exaggeration that the headphones, It did not cause any discomfort in my ear even with 3-4 saadollarsik uses. Thanks to their lightness, I can even say that you will not feel that the headphones are in your ears. In addition, the headphones offer by far more usage time than headphones at the same price and higher price level. Unboxed duplexers Up to 11 hours without charging, you can be used for more than 1 hour with a few minutes of charging, what more.

Water resistance can be a bit of an issue:

I can say that the biggest minus of Samsung Galaxy Buds + is water resistance. This headset with IPX2 certification, although it can withstand conditions such as sweating not completely waterproof. Therefore, if you are someone who squirts sweat while doing sports, or if you are walking around in the rain, to pay attention when using and be careful to clean the liquid on it after use e.

  • A little memory of my heart attack that surprised me on this: If we wanted to put Buds + to the test in our Webtekno office in our own way, we would probably do what I will tell you soon, but I did this involuntarily. I left my headphones in my trouser pockets on the way home, and those trousers were thoroughly washed in the washing machine with those two pairs of headphones. I, who noticed the situation after the pants dried, had a small heart attack. I put the headphones in rice and let them sit for a few hours, as we do with any water-exposed product. When I tested the headphones, nothing had changed in terms of connectivity, sound, or microphone. I still use the headphones as the first day.

Will I buy Samsung Galaxy Buds +?

Let’s come to the purpose of this article. If you have read the entire article above, you can already guess my opinion. But to summarize for those who do not read: Samsung Galaxy Buds + is definitely a headset you can choose. I have had no problems with audio performance, functionality, microphone performance and durability as a result of prolonged use.

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