South Korean technology giant Samsung is saying goodbye to a legend it has kept alive until today. According to the recent decision, the company Galaxy Gear is ending support for its smartwatch.

Galaxy Gear was the first smartwatch from Samsung. 8 years ago has continued to receive updates until today. However, the company August 5th will put an end to this.

Galaxy Gear is losing support

Samsung launches its first smartwatch, Galaxy Gear 2013

It was released in . That’s pretty old history in terms of time in the tech industry. Because 2013 corresponds to the time when smartphones other than iPhone started to become widespread. This information makes the Galaxy Gear quite long-lasting.

However, of course, the support life of every technological product ends one day. With the new decision of Samsung, this smart watch is now Galaxy Store support is ending. The company allows users to continue using the device. Tizen suggests switching to the smartwatch operating system.

Why was Galaxy Gear special?

Galaxy Gear was an innovative smartwatch that left its mark on the era. The watch, which is Samsung’s first product in this category, With Galaxy Note 3 was designed to work together. 512MB of RAM and 4GB storage found device, It could take photos with 1.9 MP quality and record videos with 720p quality. In other words, he was one of the pioneers of today’s smart saadollar series.

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