South Korean technology giant Samsung, which will be held on August 11 Galaxy Unpacked, there has been a new development regarding this event. TM Roh, the company’s name in charge of mobile products, made a statement this time, as he does before every Galaxy Unpacked event, upcoming has made an important announcement about its products.

At the Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung will announce two new phones with cadollarable screens. These phones Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3. Here are the statements made by TM Roh about these phones. Samsung’s top manager, Galaxy Z Fold 3, one of the company’s new phones with a cadollarable screen will have S-Pen support officially announced.

Samsung will announce an S-Pen designed exclusively for watchable screens

In the statements made by TM Roh, at the Galaxy Unpacked event a special S-Pen will be announced. This special S-Pen will be the company’s first smart pen designed specifically for phones with cadollarable screens. TH Roh’s remarks reveal that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 will pair with the company’s existing S-Pens compatible may not be makes you think. This situation will be made clear by the statements to be made on August 11th.

Another issue that TH Roh touched on is that these phones durability

It was related to . According to Roh, Samsung’s third-generation kadollarable screen phones will be much more durable than previous generations. The company is trying to make phones with scalable screens more durable. that you use special materials, although he did not give details about it. Let’s see, August 11 will be an event for Samsung fans, what innovations will be presented. . .

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