Samsung announced that its cloud service will no longer support the Gallery sync and Drive Storage feature for the My Files app. This innovation will take effect at the end of next month and all data stored in Samsung Cloud will be deleted from this date. Samsung also states that the premium storage subscription plan will also be automatically canceled provided the subscription amount is refunded.

According to a notice shared by Samsung, Samsung Cloud will stop Gallery syncing and Drive Storage from November 30. All data stored in Samsung’s cloud will also begin to be erased at the end of next month. Samsung Cloud had begun canceling its premium storage plan subscription as of October 1. On top of that, subscribers can also get refunds. Samsung Cloud users are advised to integrate their data into Microsoft OneDrive or download the data to their personal storage devices after the end of support.

Samsung Cloud’s features will now be supported by Microsoft OneDrive. By November 30, Samsung is providing users with methods to integrate data from its cloud to Microsoft. However, automatic transfer support for data was only available until September 30. Samsung has also detailed the steps for users to integrate their data into OneDrive and download it to their personal storage devices.

Finally, it should be noted that if users choose the OneDrive integration, the data stored in Samsung Cloud will be automatically deleted when the data transfer is complete. Similarly, if users choose the option to download their data, all data will be deleted from Samsung Cloud 60 days after downloading or on November 30, whichever comes first.

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