South Korean technology giant Samsung’s warehouse in South Africa, a while ago, a large theft came across the event. In the warehouse they entered, the thieves especially turned to smart phones and stole some televisions and lost their traces. However, this theft seems to have been done in vain. For Samsung announced that it has a feature that will disable smart televisions when they are stolen.

According to the statements made by Samsung, there is a feature that comes pre-installed on smart TVs. ” Samsung TV Block” or “Samsung TV Block Function”, this feature enables a stolen television to be disabled. Moreover, Samsung has made it clear that only the serial number of the television is known, to disable says it’s enough.

Unclear if Samsung TV Block is available for individual users

Samsung’s TV blocking feature when connected to the internet comes into play. The company, which creates a special serial number list for this feature, compares the list with the serial number of the television connected to the internet. If one of the serial numbers in this list belongs to that TV, thanks to Samsung TV Block, your TV will be turning off all functionality.

Samsung did not provide details about the TV Block Function feature. In other words, is this feature used only in large-scale thefts or whether individual consumers can also benefit from this feature? unknown. This feature, which the company announced after the theft in South Africa, may also be critical for individual consumers, and Samsung is not offering this feature. can also be opened to individual users

It looks like .

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